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3 new opportunities for SOS

August 19, 2011

God has sent 3 wonderful opportunities for SOS to expand the ministry both in area and in cultural groups.

First was a call from a man in Hawaii, who invited Tom and Carolyn Curtis to travel there to teach a church, workers at a homeless ministry and a Christian college how to witness using the “3 Things God Can Not Do”. This opportunity is awsome because people from all over the world come into this Hawaiian port weekly. This trip will take place soon.

The second person God brought to the ministry is an African American woman who has already been through leadership training and is taking SOS to African American churches in the USA. Her first event with her trained workers is in the state of Kentucky, within the next month.

The third person is a Mesianic Jew who is working at secular colleges to bring young Jewish men and women to the Mesiah, Jesus Christ. He is working with a Rabbi to get a display board that will use Old covenant symbols and Old Testement verses to direct a Jewish person to the display board without being offensive to them. This is the most challenging of the 3.

“The Lord……, is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.” 2 Peter 3:9

Praise the Lord for these new opportunities.

VBS Graham, NC

July 1, 2010

Tom and Carolyn Curtis are in North Carolina working with Bethel Baptist Church at their VBS. In 4 days 41 children have been saved. Tonight, July 1st, there will be a churchyard event called Patriotic Explosion. They are expecting almost 1000 people to come to the event and praying for many to be saved. The weather has turned from close to 100 degree heat to the low 80’s and this will bring many out. Fireworks and free food is a great encouragement to come to Bethel tonight. Pray for souls.

Car Show Tonight

May 15, 2010

Serving Our Savior is the meaning of SOS and today is another opportunity for people who partner with us to Serve at to the car show in Plant City, FL and witness for the Lord. Our prayer is for souls to be saved. Please join with us in that prayer.

Rev. Bradley Shares

November 21, 2009

  The Pastor from Mount Holly, NC shares his thoughts on the SOS Events ministry message and invitation to salvation.  If you have an upcoming event in your area, or seek an easy-to-learn evangelism training for your congregation or youth group, please call SOS Events to arrange for evangelism training.  SOS Event workers will come to you, or a Youth Camp program in Florida is available. 

Double Blessing of Sharing – A Testimonial

December 14, 2008

Don Riegel sent in this testimonial he received from the pastor of the Wyandotte church event in July. 

“many people in our church family found SOS’s evangelism training very user-friendly and practical! For example, after watching Don lead her eleven year old niece to the Lord, one gal, although in her late 40’s, and still unable to read, miraculously, with the help of a friend, managed not only to comprehend all the SOS materials but better still, go on to use what she learned to share the message of salvation. Subsequently, she signed up for a course in English and is now well on her way to learning how to read. Recently, when asked what her take away was from SOS ministries, she remarked, `thanks to SOS ministries my spiritual life has developed more this past year [2008] than the last twenty combined!’

The Power of Church-Yard Evangelism

September 9, 2008

“You’ve got to be kidding; church yard evangelism?!”  I have to admit, this kind of snook-up on me.  BAM!  I was listening to Tom Curtis this past Sunday as he was giving a guest sermon focused on “prayer”.  Not that prayer has a lot to do with church yard evangelism…  ….well, you be the judge, read-on.

First, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page, and talking about the same thing.

Church-yard evangelism is one of the most powerful growth vehicles for any church, if done right.  The problem is, most could be a great deal more effective than they are; think about any of these activities you have been involved in over the years at any church you have visited.  Here is a list of activities / events commonly sponsored, or supported by churches, either near, or on their church property:

  • Yard sales
  • BBQ
  • Car Shows
  • Events for Children (games, rides, etc…)
  • Fall Festival
  • Fish Fry

There are many more different kinds of activities (tell us about yours) that could be listed.  These events usually reflect the social fabric and interest of the sponsoring, or participating church.  Many times these are planned fund raisers.  However, the goals also typically evolve around introducing new people to the church through some form of interaction, with the hope of leading others into a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Additional benefits include helping introduce existing Christians, new to the area, to your church; help them find a new church home.  Other ancillary benefits include fellowship among participating church members , and exposure for the church in other indirect ways.  Most would agree, if others accept Christ (souls saved) as their personal savior “at the event”, then this would be like having your cake, and eating it too…   … a win-win-win.  Praise the Lord!  Any kind of church-yard evangelism can always be about seeing souls saved.  In fact, why plan one if that’s not included?

SOS Events is about showing others how they can come to expect a harvest of souls at almost any event.  Tom Curtis often reminds me (and I am thankful) that it’s not him and his wife Carolyn that save souls, but it’s faith in action based on their surrender to a relationship that allows Him to do His will.  Write to, if you would like more information, or help with your event.

Tom and Carolyn Curtis in Indiana

July 28, 2008

Tom and Carolyn having left the Toledo Ohio area, are now visiting churches and leading others into a new beginning relationship with Christ Jesus, in Indiana. I spoke with Tom this morning and include a recording of that call. Tom’s many words of wisdom also include his sharing about the three sisters accepting Jesus Christ as their personal savior in a Wal-Mart parking lot. Tom also shares a prayer request. Click Here for Audio

Christ Jesus calls all of us to be witnesses, and gives each and every one of us a minsitry of reconciliation. Tom shares a little about being called; he is now 71 and knows age is not a qualifier, young or old. Be encouraged, as we are, in kowing our Lord did not intend there to be anything difficult about sharing His love, and message of reconciliation.