Five Events in One Weekend

Easter weekend, several SOS events took place througout the USA.
A new trend in many small towns are called “First Friday”. On the 1st Friday of each month, in good weather, the community has vendors, food, fun booths, ect. set up in the downtown area of a town or city.

In Lakeland, FL a new church to SOS set up a booth and had 15 decisions for Christ. That congregation is so excited about winning souls that they cannot wait until the next event that they can participate in.

In Phoenixville, PA another church set up a booth at that First Friday and 7 souls were saved. This is also a new participating church and they have enough workers trained to do all the Fridays until October when First Fridays stop until the following spring.

Gas City, IN had an Easter Egg hunt at their church, New Hope, where there were eight decisions, some were adults who came with their children.

Two separate events took place in Brandon, FL with several new soul winners. At one basically Hispanic event, 10 were saved.

The other event was an Easter egg hunt and 29 people of different ages asked Jesus to be their Savior.

Setting up a display with the words, SEE THREE THINGS GOD CANNOT DO really gets the attention of many people. They are curious and come over to check it out. It works. People do come to know the Lord as their Savior.

If you would like to know more please contact the SOS office at 813-494-7512 or email at

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