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Strawberry Festival FL – 450+ Accept Jesus

March 13, 2007

March 1-11, 2007 SOS Ministries in partnership with 10 churches from the Plant City, Fl area saw God do miraculous things.

January and February were busy months for the staff at SOS Ministries in preparation for this event.  Tom and Carolyn Curtis, Jay and Penny Ayres spent many training sessions with the 58 people who worked a shift at the booth.  We are especially thankful for Don and Shirley Riegel who drove from Ohio to help us with training and at the Festival.  God brought the increase.

He is faithful and rewards dedicated people who serve Him.  Many of the workers led their first soul to Christ and their enthusiasm is catching.  We are now in the process of follow-up.  We appreciate the volunteers who are writing letters, making phone calls and personally visiting the new converts.

Testimonies from the Strawberry Festival

March 11, 2007

Shieanne, 12, from AL, I know for a fact I am going to Heaven.

Kathleen 58, Gainesville, FL, He forgave me for my sins and came into my heart.

Allene 61, Orlando, FL, He saved my soul.

Ronald 63, IL, I accepted Jesus today.

Tim 15, NH, I prayed, ask Jesus to come into my heart and forgive my sins.

Jessie 57, NJ, I gave my soul to God.

Andrew 12, TX, Jesus forgave me of my sins.

Tammy 19, SC He made me know I am forgiven and accepted.

Matthew 14, Plant City, FL, Jesus gave me insurance that when I die I will go to Heaven.

Lexus 12, Holiday, FL, I was born again and got a spiritual birthday 3/11/07.

Note: These are actual testimonies written on the back of a card we ask each person that prays with us to fill out. They are all ages, all walks of life and they are from all over the USA.