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New Lighthouse and Rabbit

October 19, 2007

New Lighthouse and Rabbit

A few weeks back, Earl (seated) shared a detailed drawing of a new lighthouse creation he had in mind.  We had been assembling and building lighthouses at the SOS office for several weeks.  Earl moved forward and constructed the lighthouse he had drawn, pictured.  Undoubtedly, this lighthouse will win awards for design simplicity, functionality, overall aesthetic appeal, and excellence in engineering.  It is hand-painted/decorated, and is a great piece of craftsmanship.  Great job, Earl!

Glory be to Jesus for such amazing gifts, and faithful servants.

BTW – that’s a real rabbit.  When it was real little and cute, they said it wouldn’t get very big;  it’s suppose to be a miniature, or something-or-other. Ha! Ha!   He is still kind of cute, but that’s one big rabbit, and fast!  😉  Also pictured are Tom and Carolyn, and Earl’s wife, Kat (far right).

One to be baptised from Yard Sale in Plant City

October 8, 2007

Sunday in church, a young boy, who was saved at the yard sale in Plant City, FL came forward at invitation time along with his Dad. They will both be baptised in the near future. God is Good.

A total of 13 were saved at that yard sale. Jesus went to the marketplace. Example; woman at the well, feeding of the 5000, etc. SOS Events follows Jesus in training, going and doing what the Lord asks all of us to do. Witness to the lost.

What are you sharing in life?

October 5, 2007

A few weeks back I recorded an interview with Tom Curtis.  Tom and Carolyn had recently returned from an SOS Event in Hamiltion New Jersey, their third straight year in Hamilton. 

This brief interview covers the Hamilton event with the sponsoring church, and school.  Tom’s report is amazing.  However, during the interview, the Holy Spirit must have taken over, because the story he tells us, after his report, is also just as incredible.  mouse-over for controls or click here for pocast. 

My prayer is that those listening to this podcast will seek more information on how they can get involved in this ministry.  Tom is a walking and teaching example of how simple and effective sharing the gospel can be for everyone.  (posted by Jay Ayres)

13 Saved at Yard Sale

October 4, 2007

13 Saved at Yard Sale

Evangelism in the marketplace is the

Ministry of SOS Events. At a community yard sale 13 people called upon the name of the Lord to be their Savior.

A few written testimonies from that event:

Linda age 43 “I received Christ as my personal Savior”.

Maria adult “Jesus came into my heart today.”

Juan age 25 “Helped me to admit I sinned and believe in Him so He will take me to Heaven with Him”.

Keyonta age 13 “I asked Jesus to come into my heart and give me eternal life”.


Victor & Ruth Shepard

Victor Shepard helped in his first SOS event at the yard sale in Plant City, FL and lead many souls to the Lord. SOS is blessed to have this former missionary couple join with us to evangelize the USA.

More from Riegels about Rally Day

October 4, 2007

As we were closing and putting things away (the city wanted to reopen the street), a teenage girl came to us to say “I want to do that!”. She was pointing to the card table where we counseled the people who wanted to receive Christ as their Savior. The worker showed her the “Three Things” and then led her as she prayed the prayer. Another worker had two boys who wanted to be sure they were going to heaven. She showed them the prayer (Part C to Call Upon the Lord). They said, “We don’t think we should do that because we are Muslim”. She said, “What do you want to do?” They looked at each other and said, “We want to pray that prayer!” And they did.