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Telephone Conversion

July 29, 2010

To win souls is my hearts desire.

SOS is always in need of supplies and I was on the phone to order a button making machine for our new Kids Klub. As I was finding out information about the machine the Holy Spirit prompted me to ask Adam this question,

“Are you a Christian”?

“Yes“, was the reply.

“Are you a born again Christian”, I asked.

“What’s that”? Adam inquired.

“Do you know the 3 things God can not do”? was my next question and

“Are you 50, 75, or 100% sure if you died today you would go to Heaven“?

“I’m not the least bit sure” Adam said.

“It will take less that 2 minutes to be sure” I explained. Giving him the plan of salvation then praying with him was a great joy to my heart.

I said, “Adam, I heard you ask Jesus to forgive all your sins and come into your heart and make your life new. Did He”?

“Yes”, was Adam’s answer. “Thank you for giving me opportunity to go to Heaven”.

The phone call was ended by a purchase for the equipment SOS needed.
Whenever we do business with a company we try to find Christian suppliers but if that is not possible we try to lead them to the Lord.

Realizing that our time on earth is short we use every opportunity we have to witness and tell others about salvation.
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Tom Curtis


July 19, 2010

This week we are busy in the office making many plans for the future. Also, Tom and Carolyn are in the process of writing a book.
When going through some old files we came accross a neat salvation story that we will share today.

SOS staff goes to many different kinds of events. This particular event was a homeless ministry outreach in downtown Tampa, FL. Tom and Carolyn Curtis were invited to bring our display down to the homeless ministry where people came to be fed.

A variety of people came to eat. The SOS team witnessed to many people that day and several were saved, but one woman stands out from the rest at this event. Tom was at the display asking people if they had ever seen the 3 Things God Can Not Do and Carolyn was working the soul winning table.

When the time came for this young woman, Barbara, to pray, she bowed her head to ask Jesus to be her Savior. While she was in an attitude of prayer, Tom noticed her doing something else. She had on a blouse that was unbuttoned that exposed quite a bit of flesh. As she prayed she was buttoning up her blouse until she became most modest.

God changes the heart and our actions. Sometimes He changes a person so that the transformation is immediate.

2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

(Just a note here. The reason SOS always tries to have at least one male and one female on a team is because of propriety. In today’s world we have to be extremely careful that there is no reason for any accusation or temptation to any staff member)

Kids and Teens join SOS

July 16, 2010

New idea!! SOS Kids Klub.. Kids 4-12. Join today. Teens have oportunity to learn how to witness to family, friends and people you meet. Join SOS Teens Treasures. Just ask to learn more…

Curtis’s Return to FL

July 8, 2010

What a successful trip to NC and back. Tom and Carolyn were away for 2 weeks this trip. There were 49 decisions for salvation.
What a privilege to work in VBS with smaller children. One young boy came up and wanted to join the club.
That is a tremendous idea! Kids Klub for SOS. You will be hearing more about this in future postings.
On the road witnessed many times. At one hotel a young teen was looking through the dumpster. He had lost a shoe in the trash. Tom went over and helped him hunt through the garbage. Carolyn and Tom prayed. Smelly victory. The shoe was found immediately. Then Tom was able to talk to the teen and give him information about SOS for his youth pastor. They were in the hotel for a youth conference. God is so good.

VBS Graham, NC

July 1, 2010

Tom and Carolyn Curtis are in North Carolina working with Bethel Baptist Church at their VBS. In 4 days 41 children have been saved. Tonight, July 1st, there will be a churchyard event called Patriotic Explosion. They are expecting almost 1000 people to come to the event and praying for many to be saved. The weather has turned from close to 100 degree heat to the low 80’s and this will bring many out. Fireworks and free food is a great encouragement to come to Bethel tonight. Pray for souls.