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God Gives Increase

March 11, 2015

Maria with new Spanish converts at Lakeland Flea Market. Every Sunday Maria, her husband, Pastor Romero, goes to the Flea Market to witness for Christ. They are so happy to have the opportunity to win souls.
In the last 3 Sunday’s over 50 people have made professions of faith.
Not only that but their church is growing.
In just 3 months since the church opened it has grown from less than 12 people to over 60, including several families.
Pastor and Maria believes that witnessing at the SOS Events booth has been the main reason for the growth. God is giving the increase as He promised in His Word.

1 Corinthians 3:6
I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase.

Let the Lord send you people – He will do it!

July 6, 2012

One of the  most cost effective ways to make the church available is to post your contact information on a church sign on the property.  The information should include:

  • Church Name
  • Church Phone Number
  •  Website
  • Pastors Name
  • Service Hours
  • Office Hours
  • Signage that identifies the office entrance (Very important)

In just one small example: I can remember moving to the Tampa area in 1998.  Being new to the area, we passed by a church sign which announced Sunday services and the time of those services.  The Lord used that for His church. We went to that church  because of that sign, and the Lord has used us to His glory in that church many ways since.

Let’s face it, most churches could look like permanently closed churches during most of the week without signage.

Double Blessing of Sharing – A Testimonial

December 14, 2008

Don Riegel sent in this testimonial he received from the pastor of the Wyandotte church event in July. 

“many people in our church family found SOS’s evangelism training very user-friendly and practical! For example, after watching Don lead her eleven year old niece to the Lord, one gal, although in her late 40’s, and still unable to read, miraculously, with the help of a friend, managed not only to comprehend all the SOS materials but better still, go on to use what she learned to share the message of salvation. Subsequently, she signed up for a course in English and is now well on her way to learning how to read. Recently, when asked what her take away was from SOS ministries, she remarked, `thanks to SOS ministries my spiritual life has developed more this past year [2008] than the last twenty combined!’

WPOS FM Radio in Toledo Interview

July 29, 2008

July 22, 2008 – Morning DayBreak host Jake Sammons interviews Tom and Carolyn Curtis.  This is a great overview, including Tom’s personal testimony, description of the ministry work, and what they see as the most effective strategies and tactics today.  Every church should listen to this revealing, and astoundingly simple message.  Our hats off to all those at WPOS FM 102.3 in Holland, Ohio, especially Jake Sammons.  I tuned in early (before 8:AM) Wednesday morning to make sure I didn’t miss the interview.  The programming, and message was great.  Here is a recording of the interview; click here to WPOS FM 102.3 DayBreak show – July 22, 2008