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Happenings the last 3 months

June 25, 2011

Results of Events for SOS
Egg Hunts 41 souls were saved at 2 Egg Hunts at Easter time in Plant City.
Yard Sales 12 people made decisions at a yard sale where a church invited the community to come and set up tables with things to sell. It brought many people that did not attend church to participate, what a great opportunity to reach the area for Christ.
Car Shows Some teens worked at the Strawberry Festival. These teenagers got excited about winning souls to the Lord and decided, with the permission of the Pastor and youth director, to participate in the annual car show at their church with an SOS booth. Under the supervision of one of our staff members these teens set up the booth and worked in it. Three adults were saved. Two men and one woman, all over 65 years old. The teens were thrilled that God used them and some have also helped in other events. Another large car show was held and several of SOS staff members worked. There were 16 decisions at this “Churchyard Event”.
Public Park One of the larger churches in Brandon, FL had a Neighborhood Spring Fling at a public park. Free food, games, prizes were given and there were 42 decisions at that event. Also, Christians are excited and SOS is blessed to have at least 10 new workers and 1 trainer as a result.
Block Party Seven souls saved at a church that had a Block Party Event. At the last minute Bo, one of our faithful workers, found out that no one was available to work at this event and even with pain from a back problem decided to go. God blessed with 7 souls.

Letter telling of salvations at a Public Park Event

June 9, 2011

A letter sent to a partnering church from SOS Administrative Assistant, Diana:
Hello Pastor and Debbie,

I sent the list of decisions earlier today, but wanted to share some blessings from the Saturday event with you.

Among the few I had the privilege to lead to the Lord, two of them were youngsters I know at church. I taught Ryan when he was in my four year old Bible Fellowship class (now 7 yrs. old). His parent’s stood there and witnessed his salvation experience. They have been praying for his heart to be tender for this very reason. Nicole accepted the Lord as well. Her parents were faithful teachers on my team during the 9:30 Bible Fellowship hour 2-3 yrs. What a blessing that I would be the one to lead them to the saving knowledge of Christ.

Also a family (mother and three children age 4, 9 and 13) all accepted the Lord as Savior. The 9 yr. old son stopped to ask for some water. The mother and 4 yr. old daughter were coming up right behind him. We pointed to where the water was but asked if we could first show them The Three Things God Cannot Do. The son and daughter said yes, the mother said she would go get the water and bring it back. By time the mother returned we had time to share and pray with the two children. So naturally, we asked the mother if she would like to see The Three Things God Cannot Do, she said yes, answered that she was not 100% sure and accepted Christ as Savior also. Shortly afterwards, she brings her 13 year old son to us to listen. He then accepts the Lord as well. They were looking for water to quench their thirst and received living water that gives them eternal life. It is awesome to see how the Holy Spirit works through events, people and willing hearts.

Thank you again.

Serving Our Savior,

Diana Guiliano