Activities and Services

The activities of the ministry evolve within the areas of counseling, training, speaking, and education. However, the focus is simply winning souls for Christ, and teaching others.  The process is a complete process, as SOS Events serves the Kingdom in a capacity that focuses on individual development, in group environments, with a targeted event to exersize and fine-tune the new skills.  These skills are then easily applied to personal, or individual evangelism in the marketplace, or wherever.

Counseling services are primarily focused on event evangelism. Assessments identify strengths and weakness for individuals, organizations, and locations. Testimonial development for individuals, and focus on evangelism skills are emphasized.

Customized training and development programs enable high-impact marketplace evangelism for small and large groups of individuals. Prayerful dependency upon the Lord’s word, and His Spirit is instrumental in the training process. SOS Ministries’ proven training methodologies, combined with flexible planning, instill confidence.

SOS Ministries founders, Tom and Carolyn Curtis, combine a wide variety of life experience, spiritual energy, and wisdom in sharing their testimony, as well as many intriguing soul winning experiences. Though Tom has been employed in full-time ministry for many years, he was previously a very successful business owner. Tom and Carolyn, as individuals, or as a team, speak to large and small business, social, and church organizations.


SOS Ministries acknowledges the weakness of many event driven outreach programs lies in follow-up. SOS Ministries promotes either their own 16-week Bible study program, or works to insure partnering churches integrate their own. The SOS Ministries course of study is available as an option through a traditional home study course by mail.

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