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Testimony from Patty Mills, SOS Events Leader in Alabama

July 16, 2019

God gave me the privilege of leading a young lady to Christ and leading her sister and friend in a prayer of rededication using SOS Events (ABCs of salvation) while participating in #ServeDay19 with many other servants. These sweet souls are being followed up on and discipled by their pastor Lieutenant Brian Farrington of the Salvation Army Church, COTH’s ministers and SOS Home Office. They will also receive tons of prayer from all and free age appropriate Bible studies through the mail for as long as they want them. I thank God for SOS Events – Carolyn Curtis, Dale Brown, Dorothy Brown and other mentors in that ministry for seeing the need to train and equip and encourage the saints to be sensitive to the Spirit and then bold in intentionally sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with all.

Acts 1:8 But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.

A Special Note

November 24, 2018

This note is from Carolyn Curtis’ great granddaughter, 8 years old. What a blessing to have generations of Godly children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. To know that the times of family gatherings will not end here on earth, but will be together in Heaven for eternity. The key is to have 2 Birthdays. Physical and Spiritual.

John 3:3 Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.


June 12, 2018

Carolyn Curtis (founder of SOS Events Ministry) is traveling by car from NY State back home to Florida. She went to a family reunion so many of her children and grandchildren are also traveling long distances. When the family is scattered, it is a great blessing to be able to trust the Lord for safety on the highway for all. Carolyn has 41 grandchildren and 38 great grandchildren not counting spouses or her children, so it is a large family for the Lord to look after.

Psalms 4:8 I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for thou, Lord, only makest me dwell in safety.

3 Things God Can Not Do

March 10, 2017

Many good things happen with the simple statement, “3 Things God Can Not Do.” The following is a email from Pastor Jess Page an SOS Events volunteer in Alabama that was trained last year:

I’m trying to get our church to know “The 3 things…” so well that they share without giving it any thought. One of the women I baptized, heard another preacher say “God can do anything!” She approached him and said “Did you know there are 3 things God can’t do?” Afterwards he asked what church she went too. The second happened today. I was helping FAITH Rider Fred load our Bikes for Daytona, and stopped by a tire place to talk to a young man about some tires. I was wearing the SOS shirt. When I started to leave, I told his grandmother and mother that he answered my questions. They then said, “Now we have a question for you. We see your shirt, and we want to know what are the 3 things God can’t do? We believe He can do anything!” I then got to share, and found out they were already Christians. Still, it was an opportunity to witness. 
Titus 1:2 In hope of eternal life, which God, that cannot lie, promised before the world began;


November 10, 2015

Testimony received from Alabama recently. What a great endorsement for SOS events and Praise the Lord for the souls saved.

 My name is Carey Waldrop. I am a former pastor. I am currently the chapter director for our Faith Riders ministry @ Mineral Springs Baptist Church. I was recently introduced to SOS. I was trained & also received training to be a trainer. I have already trained several of our faith rider members. I said all that to say this; we had an opportunity to use the sos method last Wednesday. We were invited to another church Enon Baptist to have a trunk or treat on our bikes, which we did. We also decided to bring along our sos board and share the gospel. Not only did our newly trained guys step up to the plate & put what they had learned into practice, but were excited to see immediate results with 12 souls coming to Christ. Thanks for a very simple way to not only share the gospel ( over the years I have used several) simple & easy to train others. In his service. 
Proverbs 11:30 The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise

Happy Birthday

October 29, 2014

Today is Tom Curtis’ birthday. He is 78 years old. His life has been a life of joys and hardships. In 1980 he was saved after the death of his son, Nick.
Nick was playing at home with friends when a gasoline can tipped over and another kid through a match at him. He was burned over 80% of his body and lived for 3 months. The last day of Nick’s life he asked his Dad this question, “Dad, do you know Jesus Christ personally?”
Tom answered, “Nick, there is no way to know Jesus, He is dead.”
Nick replied, “Dad, I know Him.” And that was the last words Nick spoke, he died.
Tom was a broken man. Nine years later he was invited to church and heard the Gospel for the first time and was saved.
Tom has followed the Lord faithfully since that day and has been a successful businessman, father, grandfather, husband and friend to many.
His heart’s desire has been to be a witness to everyone he meets and together with his wife founded SOS Events Ministry.
Thousands of souls have been saved through Tom’s life and ministry.
Happy Birthday, Tom. May God continue to bless you.
If you would like to talk to Tom he is always ready to listen and pray for you. Call him at 813-784-8242.

Psalms 112:1
Praise ye the Lord.
Blessed is the man that feareth the Lord,
that delighteth greatly in his commandments.

Tom Curtis Testimony

September 20, 2014

In Joshua 1:8 the Bible talks about success. My desire in life was to be very successful.

I thought I had reached my goal, I had a good family, a great business, and all the material things I had ever dreamed of.

I had planned to take 20 of my business associates to Put in Bay for the day on my motor yacht. When we got as far as the harbor light I got a radio call from the Coast Guard. They gave me instructions to go to a land line phone and call my home.

When I called home and was told something terrible happened.

My son Nick, 12 years old had been playing at home when gas spilled on him, and someone threw a match at him. He was burned over 80% of his body and the doctors told me his chance of survival was zero.

Champion Spark plug company offered to fly him to the Boston Shrine Hospital. After 3 months, I was told when I came in to go right up as he would not be with us much longer.

I held his hand and he asked me this question, “Dad, do you know Jesus Christ personally?” My answer was, “Nick, no one could possibly know Jesus personally, because he is dead.”

Nick said, “Dad, I know him.” and died.

I was broken and 9 years went by, until a new Christian came into my office and invited me to church on Wednesday night.

The Pastor preached a sermon that I thought was all about me. When he gave the invitation, I begged God to save me.

My life was changed immediately and promised God I would serve Him the rest of my life and tell everyone I could about a relationship with Jesus.

After I was saved I took every opportunity to learn more about God and lead others into a right relationship with Jesus.

I moved around the country and ended up in Atlanta, where I suffered 5 heart attacks and was told I had 3 years to live. I was in the hospital for 3 months, lost my business, my wife and all material possessions. I spent the next 3 years studying God’s word to prepare for ministry.

God raised me up and empowered me. I met Carolyn, we were married in 2001 and God led us to start SOS Events ministry. Our goal is to teach and train Christians to be soul winners and to see as many souls saved in America as possible through our ministry.

God has provided the abundant life for us as promised in His Word. We have seen hundreds of people who have become soul winners and thousands of people saved.

For more information about SOS Events Ministry or if you need prayer
Email at or call 813-784-8242

Joshua 1:8
This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein:for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.

Alabama Salvation Story

May 29, 2014

Interesting salvation story from Patty our SOS Event Leader in Alabama;
This past Saturday at Eastmont’s Yard Sale we had a lady accept Christ into her heart as her Lord and Savior (“Sally”), only to tell us afterwards that her husband is a Muslim!! She was so very excited to have Jesus in her heart and did not exhibit any signs of fear or worry about telling her husband…she even agreed to have us come for a home visit!!!
We Praise The Lord for what He is doing through SOS events. Please pray specifically for “Sally.”

1 Timothy 2:4
Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.

A Peppermint Story Part 2

March 23, 2013

The rest is history! As we talked about that day at the conference, we had Tom & Carolyn come to central New Jersey, a heavy Catholic community, present their vision and ministry.

Now years later, we keep inviting them to return, even though we have our own team doing what they taught us to do. Since the year we met them, we have had a church team visit them in Florida for a training week. Even though we now have people in our church who do what they have both taught us and modeled, we love having them come by again and again. They always excite us all over again as they often are able to work alongside us, and thereby teaching yet others over the years.

They have come to our church, our school, our community events. They have gone out to dinner with us, and alone at the motel. They have been chauffeured from the airport. They have met people in lobbies. In all kinds of venues they have shown themselves genuine and effective in sharing the Gospel, by engaging lost people by this unique method!

We have seen it work! We have seen people’s curiosity and interest aroused to where they are willing to hear the Gospel and AMAZINGLY respond OVER AND OVER. Over the years, members of our church, at times with them and at times alone, have set up a booth at various “events”. Sometimes the events were sponsored by us and other times they were sponsored by community groups. We have set up a booth and again seen people give their heart to Jesus and profess Christ as their Saviour. We have even seen teens, young people, and adults come back the following year, with a friend in tow, asking if we would tell that friend what we told him or her last year.

We have found Tom & Carolyn HUMBLE servants in deed and conduct, sharing a unique way of engaging people with the Gospel! It has been an AMAZING journey with them and it is no surprise that God’s people at our church always want to fly them up, have them stop by when anywhere close by, and come out to hear what God is doing through SOS ministries.

You have to see it yourself, upfront, up close, and you will be AMAZED on how simple and effective it is!

Pastor Ted Martens, Ph.D.
Pastor Faith Baptist Church
Trenton, NJ

A Peppermint Story Part 1

March 22, 2013

Pastor’s Testimony

It was years ago when I attending our Association’s Annual Baptist Conference. I had stepped out just before the service began, wanting to find some peppermints before the evening service began in the main auditorium.

I knew that most of the booths had a bowl or two of candy and mints for those who came by their booth. “Most booths would be unattended,” I thought. “Everyone was filtering into the evening service. I’ll just grab a handful of mints at the closest table that has them.”

The booth that was the closest, and which I ended up at, was manned by “Carolyn”. I thought I would say a quick hello, a few words of interest, and grab a few peppermints. That is not what really grabbing those peppermints was all about. The story that was to unfold was far greater!

After a few words of interest and response, Carolyn told me that she usually attends these conferences with her husband, Tom, but he was not able to attend because of cardiac medical issues that came up. Nevertheless she came and set up the ministry booth alone! “WOW — that’s commitment”, I thought.

She then shared what their ministry was all about. It was about “Three Things God Cannot Do.” That was the tool that they developed, tuned, used, re-tuned, and now was fine tuned.

They were teaching others, and were looking for churches and people within their churches, who wanted to use this UNIQUE tool for beginning a conversation with the lost, and REMARKABLY leading MANY to Christ.

In that introduction to their ministry, and through that conversation, I was impressed with their desire and devotion to reach others for Christ. “You have to come to New Jersey and present your ministry,” I said. I got back to my seat a little later than I planned. I just wanted a few mints. My wife asked, “What took so long?” “I ended up talking to “Carolyn” — remarkable!