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36 Decisions at Pocahontas Fair

July 25, 2012

Creighton (left) and Daniel. Creighton saved in front of motor home in Pocahontass, IAPraise the Lord for 36 decisions at the very small county fair in Iowa. This fair was a 2 day event that was open for vendors from 3 to 9 each day.
What fantastic results for an event like this.
One boy named Creigton was saved a few days before the fair and when he saw the 3 things God can not do display he brought a total of 4 friends to be saved.
What a blessing to see young people not only be saved but have a desire to see their friends saved also.

Pocahontas County Fair (Iowa)

July 16, 2012

Pocahontas County FairThe church Tom and Carolyn were visiting (Tom spoke at Sunday) decided they wanted to take The 3 Things God Cannot Do to their county fair.  The Pocahontas County Fair is this Tuesday! (ample notice 😉  Tom and Carolyn are staying to train and work with them.  Thank you Lord for open doors!  Please pray that many souls will come to the Lord at this county fair.

Signs work! To God be the Glory!

July 16, 2012

Tom was the speaker at a church in Pocahontas, IA yesterday and two souls made commitments accepting Jesus Christ as their savior.  One of them was 89 years of age, Vernon (pictured with Pastor Tim) .  When asked what brought him to church that day, he said it was the sign on [Tom and Carolyn’s] the motor home.  PTL for Vernon and signs!Vernon and Pastor Tim

Let the Lord send you people – He will do it!

July 6, 2012

One of the  most cost effective ways to make the church available is to post your contact information on a church sign on the property.  The information should include:

  • Church Name
  • Church Phone Number
  •  Website
  • Pastors Name
  • Service Hours
  • Office Hours
  • Signage that identifies the office entrance (Very important)

In just one small example: I can remember moving to the Tampa area in 1998.  Being new to the area, we passed by a church sign which announced Sunday services and the time of those services.  The Lord used that for His church. We went to that church  because of that sign, and the Lord has used us to His glory in that church many ways since.

Let’s face it, most churches could look like permanently closed churches during most of the week without signage.