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SOS Moving Forward

May 19, 2011

The Staff in Florida has been extremely busy this spring season.
Easter started it off with several Egg Hunts at different churches in the area. Over 200 souls were saved at these various events.
Tom and Carolyn have been traveling around Florida promoting the ministry and training Christians to take part in their local churches to see souls saved.
“Churchyard Events” is a successful way to not only see souls saved but have these new Christians become a part in the local assembly.
In the the months of April and May at least 1 or 2 events have taken place each week. The average decisions at these events have been 15 decisions. Most of these are salvations but a few have been assurance or other commitments. We have had reports of some baptisms following the salvations at some of the churches.
Praise the Lord for every soul saved, every Christian that becomes a soul winner and every church that receives the blessing of new people in their congregation. You can participate with SOS by prayer, participation in an event or by giving to the ministry.

Welcome to Our New Website

May 12, 2011

SOS Events finally has our new website up and running. Hope you enjoy the videos, Bible studies and training we now offer online. Our bookstore is also ready and if you need anything please order online or call the office directly if you need more information. All our materials are designed and manufactured by SOS. Each display is individually made right on the SOS property.

Our spring has been busy as we have had events at least once a week since Strawberry Festival. We will post some results in the next few days. We appreciate each church, friend and supporter that partners with SOS. We pray for everyone of you who check out our website and especially those of you who contact us and who pray for us. May God richly bless you. We would appreciate your comments.