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Things move Swiftly at SOS

November 15, 2011

SOS is growing by leaps and bounds.¬†Yesterday there was a lady who had been through regular training who called and said, “Can you train me to be a trainer?”

The answer was, “Yes, we would be happy to do that. When?”

“Tomorrow,” she said. So this morning she came and was trained and Thursday just 2 days away she has her first training with 3 ladies from her Bible study group.

On the same day her call came in a couple from Orlando called and asked to be trained this week also.

Tomorrow night they come to be trained at our office.

God is so good. Usually between Halloween and January it is very quiet at the SOS office. Not this year. We Praise the Lord we can be busy for Him and that new people want to take the Gospel to others via SOS. Please pray for the new workers and that many souls will be won to Christ through them.

Prayer Requests for Friends of SOS

November 7, 2011

Several of SOS staff members need prayer right now. Dorinda Cardwell, FL goes in for surgery this week. Tom Curtis, FL is having irregular heartbeat even with a pacemaker and Doctors are trying to correct that with medication for now. Pray the medication works. Scott Weaver, IN is going in for 2 heart surgeries in the near future and will need at least 6 months recovery time. Shirley Riegel needs prayer for healing.

Also, we have family members of staff who need prayer, John Slater, Carolyn Curtis’ son has terminal cancer. Dorothy, Diana Guiliano’s¬†mother needs prayer as she has Parkinsons.

Also, our Senior Servants Ladies have various illnesses and need prayer.

Two friends who have cancer, Denny from Ohio and Mike in FL.

This is an unusual post to our webpage but we at SOS covet your prayers. “The effectual prayer of a righteous man availeth much”. James 5:16