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Many Fall Festivals are in Progress

October 31, 2011

SOS has seen more that 100 souls saved at various Fall Festivals around the USA. Indiana 10 salvations, NJ 60 decisions, Orlando, FL 14, Plant City, FL 20, Alafia, FL 10 and there are still at least 5 more that have not been reported yet.

There will be an update within the next week. What a blessing.

New Workshop Up

October 27, 2011

Five minutes ago a crew of men left SOS property with a new metal building completed. What a blessing. No more leaky roofs, rusty tools and wet and ruined supplies. Thank you to those who contributed toward this project and if anyone would still like to get in on the blessing there is always a need for additional funds.

We at SOS just want to Praise the Lord for His goodness and faithfulness to the ministry and to our staff personally.

There is also a need for volunteer workers, both on the ministry property and especially for new soul winners and trainers. The ministry is constantly growing. We could have used 50 new workers in October had they been available. Pray and ask the Lord what He would have you do.

Two Birthdays

October 23, 2011

A girl came up to the booth in Indiana and said, “This is the place where you get 2 birthdays.”
“Yes, said the person that was showing the display with the 3 Things God Can Not Do. Are you 50, 75 or 100% sure if you died today you would go to Heaven?”
She answered, “I’m 100% sure.”

“How about your friend?”

The friend was not sure but wanted to be, so they went back and sat down at one of the soul winning tables.

After the young man prayed to receive Christ, the girl said, “Tomorrow is my spiritual birthday. Last year in this booth I was born again. I have 2 birthdays.”

What a blessing. When people come back after a year or more and confirm their faith, and to know that God uses ordinary people who partner with SOS to win people to the Lord.

SOS can use people in all areas of the USA and beyond. Come join us.

121 Saved in Indiana

October 10, 2011


Ivan and Dorinda Cardwell, Tom and Carolyn Curtis, from Florida, Don and Shirley Riegel, from Ohio all headed to Indiana for 2 large events, Duck Tail Run and James Dean Days. Scott and Joyce Weaver and several other trained workers participated in these 2 great events. Workers came from 3 area churches. Fairmont, IN the birthplace of James Dean (the actor), hosts James Dean Days and Gas City, IN hosts Duck Tail Run. Both towns are rich in history and fun places to visit. The local people are gracious and very helpful. This makes the trip fun, profitable and always exciting.


Duck Tail Run is a new event for SOS. In spite of all the rain we are thrilled to have seen 14 souls come to know the Lord. A special thanks goes to Larry Leach, mayor of Gas City, for helping us get set up at  Duck Tail Run.

SOS has set up a booth at James Dean Days for the last 5 years and God is always faithful to give us souls at this event. 103 were saved this year regardless of closing early due to bad weather. Thanks to all the faithful workers who participated.

Indiana is also home of the Gaither Family whose store, home and recording studio is only about 10 miles from where were camped. Our staff is grateful to Wesleyan Campground for allowing us to stay in their cabins and park at the campground. They are gracious hosts.