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Montgomery, Alabama Rodeo

March 21, 2022

George Hinkle and Dale Brown, with SOS Events Alabama Team had 4 salvations at the SLE Rodeo in Montgomery over the weekend.

Praise the Lord for the new Christians. Also, thankful to the Lord for faithful SOS Events volunteers who give of their time and talent to serve the Lord.

Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ; Ephesians 5:20

Sagradas Escrituras 1569 dando gracias siempre de todo al Dios y Padre en el Nombre del Señor nuestro, Jesús, el Cristo;. Efesios 5:20

SOS Events Florida Team

March 10, 2022

SOS Event Team in Florida at the Flea Market in Plant City where 12 people trusted Jesus as their Savior on Wednesday.

What a blessing to have faithful team volunteers who give of there time, talent and even finances to witness to people that need the Lord.

When they get to Heaven, Jesus will say, “Well done faithful servant.”

His lord said unto him, Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord. Matthew 25:21

su señor le dijo: Bien, buen siervo y fiel; sobre poco has sido fiel, sobre mucho te pondré; entra en el gozo de tu señor. Mateo 25:21

Blessings For Christians Who Witness

March 2, 2022

What a blessing to meet an old friend from the Philippines! The Mission Conference at Fellowship Baptist Church has been a great blessing.

What a surprise for Carolyn Curtis to see and hear testimony from Pastor Secillano. Carolyn went to the Philippines 20 years ago with her son on a mission trip. Pastor and his family were wonderful hosts back then.

The amazing thing is that he remembered her immediately. What a joy to reconnect with each other after so much time has passed.

Getting the Gospel to people in the world is the command to every Christian and brings great joy when you do it.

If you can travel outside the USA and the Lord leads, that is a great opportunity. Many cannot. But, you can pray, witness to people you meet and you can give.

SOS Events has many opportunities for you to be part of a team that wins people to the Lord in a non confrontational way.

And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. Mark 16:15&16

Marcos 16:15 & 16
Y les dijo: Id por todo el mundo; predicad el evangelio á toda criatura.
El que creyere y fuere bautizado, será salvo; mas el que no creyere, será condenado

SOS Events, A Life Saving Ministry

February 24, 2022

Many people ask what the meaning of SOS is, Serving Our Savior is what the letters stand for, but more importantly it is what the team members feel in their hearts.

The faithful servants who work with SOS Events have a sincere desire to see souls saved. Everyone from the office workers, maintenance men, volunteers, booth workers, and missionaries love the Lord with all their hearts and work tirelessly to see people get saved.

SOS Events a life saving ministry.

1 Thessalonians 1:3
Remembering without ceasing your work of faith, and labour of love, and patience of hope in our Lord Jesus Christ, in the sight of God and our Father;

New Volunteers For SOS Events

February 23, 2022

Several trainings for new volunteers for SOS Events have taken place in the last week. praise the Lord!

On Saturday, February 19th there were 2 trainings, one in Lakeland, Fl with Leaders Carolyn and Stephanie.

In Bradenton, Tony and Diana had a great time at the trading they facilitated.

The next day, Sunday SOS Events Leader, Alice, had a training at Plant City. More people came than she expected and one of SOS volunteers helped her. God always supplies what we need.

Then on Tuesday, Alice and Carolyn had the privilege of having a successful training at a new church that SOS Events had not been to before in plant City.

God is providing new volunteers to witness at events. The biggest Florida event for SOS is the Florida Strawberry Festival where 131 volunteers are needed for the 11 day event.

Even with the new volunteers, more are needed. Please pray with us that every time slot will be filled.

Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest. Luke 10:2

Will You Volunteer?

February 19, 2022

SOS Events Ministry needs workers. There are events that we have the opportunity to be in but sometimes we have to pass them by for lack of volunteers.

You will not be alone. SOS Events works in teams, with an experienced leader at each event. You will be trained on how to present the gospel in a simple, non confrontational way.

How sad when people do not have the opportunity to be saved because Christians will not spend 3 or 4 hours at an SOS Events booth witnessing.

If cannot physically come to an event, you can still be a great part of this ministry by praying that the Lord will send forth laborers.

Also, you can support the ministry by giving financially. The time is getting short an people Need the Lord. Volunteer to help SOS Events however you can.

Matthew 9:37 Then saith he unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few;


January 27, 2022

Every Christian has a commitment to tell others how they can be saved. Jesus tells us to go.

If you are in the Tampa, Florida area you have the opportunity to learn how to witness.

SOS Events Ministry will train you to go soul winning at events, to your family and your neighbor.

If you are out of the area, SOS Events has Trainers in 10 States. Call the home office for more information.

Also, there are some training videos online. The “3 Things God Can Not Do” is a simple way to present the gospel at an event or individually as you’re talking to your friends, family or acquaintances.

Mark 16:15
And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

God’s Promises

January 25, 2022

The way the world is today, we wonder why God allows sin, wars, murders and all kind of evil to continue.

God wants all people to be saved. He is long suffering so everyone has opportunity to hear the gospel.

However, the time will come when He will be done and the door will shut and you will no longer be able to come to know Jesus. If you have not made the decision to accept Jesus as your Savior, do it today before it’s too late.

If you are a Christian it is your responsibility to be a witness to others. Do you want to stand before GOD empty handed?

Flea Markets

January 20, 2022

Flea Markets are a gold mine for evangelism. SOS Events now use Flea markets to train others and win the lost. SOS Events are seeing great success for presenting the gospel.

On Wednesday every week SOS Events Florida Team has a booth at the Plant City Flea Market. This week 22 people trusted in Jesus for salvation.

The salvation leads are given to churches who are willing to do follow up. SOS Events also has a great follow up decipleship program. We are always looking for new churches and people to add to our teams in all areas to bring the lost to Christ.

When a church desires to learn another method to reach the lost give SOS Events a try. Training is free. or phone 813 494 7512.

Proverbs 11:30
The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life;
and he that winneth souls is wise.

December 30, 2021

Christmas is over, time to take down the beautiful decorations and keeping in our hearts the memories of Christmas 2021. It always makes me sad to put away those wonderful things that make Christmas special every year. As we put away the lights, tree, nativity sets, let us NOT put away the truth of Christmas, Jesus was born into this world to be our Savior, and it is our responsibility to tell others. So let us make a resolution to be better witnesses in 2022 and Serve Our Savior with more zeal than we ever had before.

Witnessing is a little more difficult because of the restrictions in some areas, but we can make phone calls, write notes and use social media to be a witness for the Lord. Be creative. Think of someone today who needs the Lord and pray for him or her, and then contact them. People need the Lord now more than ever.

Acts 26:22-23 Having therefore obtained help of God, I continue unto this day, witnessing both to small and great, saying none other things than those which the prophets and Moses did say should come. That Christ should suffer, and that he should be the first that should rise from the dead, and should shew light unto the people, and to the Gentil