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God’s Blessings

March 29, 2012

285 decisions for Christ at the Strawberry Festival in Plant City, FL What a blessing from the Lord.
He never stops sending His blessings.
Several, Christians also got tracts and the result was invitations to train or speak for various churches and organizations.
Two have been held. The first, Tom had opportunity to speak to the residents of the Good Samaritan Inn in Tampa. Several were saved and many came for prayer at the end of the service.
The 2nd was a training at Northside Baptist Church in Lakeland, FL. Ten attended and the people got excited to witness for the Lord. The pastor decided to put 2 display boards in the foyer for Sunday morning and evening service. Then he kept the boards there for various activities. Eight people made decisions for Christ.
SOS is expectantly waiting for God to bring more blessings and more souls to Himself through SOS Events.

Strawberry Festival in Full Swing

March 3, 2012

Sweet Memories is the theme of this years Strawberry Festival in Plant City, FL. For the past 7 years SOS has been in this event with a soul winning booth. As we went over to set up the booth this year the staff reflected on some of the good memories we have had over those 7 years.

Over 2000 souls have been saved at this event. Hundreds of people have been trained to be soul winners and have participated. Many of the trained workers won their very first soul to the Lord.

SOS counts it a great privilage to be able to be a part of the Strawberry Festival and the directors, other vendors and people that we have worked with have been so supportive of the ministry and activities of SOS. We cherish the memories and trust that this year will bring in another harvest of souls.