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Girl and Mother saved at Flea Market

July 27, 2011

Girl and Mother saved at Flea Market

The staff at SOS continually looks for sales, bargains and inexpensive ways to cut cost of the ministry. Tom and Carolyn decided to go to a Flea Market to see if they could find something needed for the ministry.

While looking at the many booths a girl and her Mother were also looking.

The girl was smoking a cigarette. Tom (led by the Holy Spirit) said to her, “You know you really shouldn’t be smoking? That’s really bad for your health.”

Her Mother said, “That’s what I have been telling her.”

The girl immediately dropped the cigarette and said, “I need to quit and I have been trying.”

“Do you know there is someone who can help you with that?” Tom responded.

“Tell me who.”

Tom proceeded to tell both Janet and her Mother about Jesus. Both of those women bowed their head and trusted Christ.

About 6 months later SOS received a wonderful letter from Janet stating that they were doing the Bible studies in the Bible, she had quit smoking, and both were now active in a local church.

SOS presentation of the Gospel with the “3 Things God Can Not Do” is a great way to evangelize, however, sometimes only by the Holy Spirit, God leads in a different way. This was one of the times God filled Tom’s mouth with the right words to say.

Ephesians 6:19 And for me, that utterance may be given unto me, that I may open my mouth boldly, to make known the mystery of the gospel,

What does SOS mean?

July 14, 2011

Do you know? SOS means serving our savior.

Senior Servants today at SOS

July 8, 2011

Today, Thursday, July, 7th was truly a day to Praise the Lord. SOS has a group of ladies that come and help with various things that need to be done for the ministry once a month.
The ladies that came today helped stuff envelopes for our newsletter that is mailed to almost 2500 people. It is time consuming and rather boring if done by only one or two. But there is an old saying, “Many hands make light work.” and that was certainly true today. By lunchtime we still had about 800 to do and every lady said she would stay until the job was done.
Our work was finished but more important than that the sweet Christian spirit, fellowship and prayer once a month is profitable and encouraging. Please pray for our Senior Servants. They all have needs and God can supply.
If you do not receive our newsletter please call the office at (813) 494-7512 or email