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SOS Trainers

July 9, 2015


SOS Events trains individuals how they can win souls at events.

In this photo, Chris, is teaching a group at his church in New Jersey.

The New Jersey team uses the “three things God cannot do” at events, flea markets, and on Saturday visitation.

SOS Events Ministry is blessed to have many faithful trainers, who have a burden to teach others how to win souls with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Luke 12:12 “For the Holy Ghost shall teach you in the same hour what you ought to say.”


Rev. Bradley Shares

November 21, 2009

  The Pastor from Mount Holly, NC shares his thoughts on the SOS Events ministry message and invitation to salvation.  If you have an upcoming event in your area, or seek an easy-to-learn evangelism training for your congregation or youth group, please call SOS Events to arrange for evangelism training.  SOS Event workers will come to you, or a Youth Camp program in Florida is available. 

The Power of Church-Yard Evangelism

September 9, 2008

“You’ve got to be kidding; church yard evangelism?!”  I have to admit, this kind of snook-up on me.  BAM!  I was listening to Tom Curtis this past Sunday as he was giving a guest sermon focused on “prayer”.  Not that prayer has a lot to do with church yard evangelism…  ….well, you be the judge, read-on.

First, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page, and talking about the same thing.

Church-yard evangelism is one of the most powerful growth vehicles for any church, if done right.  The problem is, most could be a great deal more effective than they are; think about any of these activities you have been involved in over the years at any church you have visited.  Here is a list of activities / events commonly sponsored, or supported by churches, either near, or on their church property:

  • Yard sales
  • BBQ
  • Car Shows
  • Events for Children (games, rides, etc…)
  • Fall Festival
  • Fish Fry

There are many more different kinds of activities (tell us about yours) that could be listed.  These events usually reflect the social fabric and interest of the sponsoring, or participating church.  Many times these are planned fund raisers.  However, the goals also typically evolve around introducing new people to the church through some form of interaction, with the hope of leading others into a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Additional benefits include helping introduce existing Christians, new to the area, to your church; help them find a new church home.  Other ancillary benefits include fellowship among participating church members , and exposure for the church in other indirect ways.  Most would agree, if others accept Christ (souls saved) as their personal savior “at the event”, then this would be like having your cake, and eating it too…   … a win-win-win.  Praise the Lord!  Any kind of church-yard evangelism can always be about seeing souls saved.  In fact, why plan one if that’s not included?

SOS Events is about showing others how they can come to expect a harvest of souls at almost any event.  Tom Curtis often reminds me (and I am thankful) that it’s not him and his wife Carolyn that save souls, but it’s faith in action based on their surrender to a relationship that allows Him to do His will.  Write to, if you would like more information, or help with your event.

WPOS FM Radio in Toledo Interview

July 29, 2008

July 22, 2008 – Morning DayBreak host Jake Sammons interviews Tom and Carolyn Curtis.  This is a great overview, including Tom’s personal testimony, description of the ministry work, and what they see as the most effective strategies and tactics today.  Every church should listen to this revealing, and astoundingly simple message.  Our hats off to all those at WPOS FM 102.3 in Holland, Ohio, especially Jake Sammons.  I tuned in early (before 8:AM) Wednesday morning to make sure I didn’t miss the interview.  The programming, and message was great.  Here is a recording of the interview; click here to WPOS FM 102.3 DayBreak show – July 22, 2008

Riegels Witness 58 Saved in Michigan

July 24, 2008

SOS was working with a church at a three day Street Fair in Wyandotte, MI from July 9 – 12th. There were eight new workers plus the pastor. Several workers had never witnessed to anyone about Jesus before. All were using SOS methods for the first time outside of classroom training. The third day there were 24 who trusted Christ including a woman who was parked illegally so she could mail a package at the UPS office. She rushed into the office and rushed out. The presenter at the SOS lighthouse called her over to see the “Three Things”. She reluctantly agreed. When asked how sure she was of heaven, she said “If I don’t change, I’ll go straight to hell!” Moments later she bowed her head to pray and trust Christ. Pastor will be following up with her personally. One of the workers knows the woman who is now a baby Christian and plans to encourage her. God is truly good.


– by Don Riegel, Perrysburg, Ohio

Gabcast! Summer Road Trip #7 – Crossing Borders for Christ and the Kingdom

Don Riegel (Perrysburg Ohio) shares about new souls recently added to the Kingdom. Don and Shirley witness with 9 others and see over 50 people accepted Christ as their savior at a Wynadott Michigan event this past July 9 – 12th.