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15 Saved in 6 hours

August 31, 2009

Health Fair, Riverview, FL
Bo Henry and a small group of workers set up a tent at a “Health Fair.” 15 people were saved in just 6 hours. This was a Spanish ministry. Some of the workers were bi-lingual. Praise the Lord. SOS has the “3 Things” Tracts in several languages. Contact SOS if you would like tracts.
Bo says, “Good health starts with knowing Christ.”

Testimony from Perry Co. Fair, Ohio

August 7, 2009

There was a woman, who had been watching the booth from a way off, and when we least expected it, she bypassed the sign “See 3 things God Can not Do” walked right around it and sat down at the soul winners table.  She said, “I have to know this!” She had tears in her eyes. Apparently she knew the woman at the table when their children were little. She accepted Christ and was thrilled.

Praise the Lord for every soul that comes to know Jesus at an event. SOS Events sees many souls saved through the Power of the Holy Spirit, who uses trained workers that  work at an event. Pray for the new Christians who have been saved.