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Answered Prayer!

July 1, 2022

What an amazing week of answered prayer. SOS Events Ministry was blessed with many people coming to the Lord Jesus for salvation this week in Florida.

At the Plant City Flea Market 25 people accepted Jesus as their Savior.

The same day, Wednesday, 1 young lady ask Jesus to come into her heart and change he life at the Kid’s Quest in Zephyrhills .

Then in the evening, 14 souls were saved at the Freedom Celebration in Thonotosassa.

The week is not over. Praying for a great many to be saved at the Food Distribution on Saturday.

God blesses the efforts of SOS Events volunteers. Nothing will happen without them, prayer and power of the Holy Spirit.

A Favorite Easter Hymn

March 29, 2018

During the Easter season of 1874, while having his devotions one evening, Robert Lowry was impressed with the events associated with Christ’s resurrection, especially with these words recorded in Luke 24:6, 7—He is not here, but is risen.

Soon Robert Lowry found himself seated at the little pump organ in the parlor of his home. And in a very spontaneous fashion, the words and music of “Christ Arose” gave expression to the thoughts that had been uppermost in his mind.

The hymn was published the following year and has been an inspirational favorite with God’s people ever since.

–Kenneth W. Osbeck


Christ Arose

(1) Low in the grave He lay,

Jesus, my Savior!

Waiting the coming day,

Jesus, my Lord!

CHO: Up from the grave He arose,

With a mighty triumph o’er His foes;

He arose a victor from the dark domain,

And He lives forever with His saints to reign;

He arose! He arose!

Hallelujah! Christ arose!

(2) Vainly they watched His bed,

Jesus, my Savior!

Vainly they sealed the dead,

Jesus my Lord!

(3) Death could not keep his prey,

Jesus my Savior!

He tore the bars away,

Jesus, my Lord!

How to Know You Are Going to Heaven.

July 9, 2015
GOD put us on this Earth, JESUS tells us what we must do to get into HEAVEN. HOW sad to know so many people will go to a place called HELL and not understand why. Do you know what you must do to get into HEAVEN? Go back to the Home page and click on the “3 Things God Can Not Do”. Continue down the page and you will come to the ABC’s of Salvation. Then you will be asked to call on the Lord through prayer. At that moment you have the choice to repent of your sins and ask Jesus to forgive you. If you are sincere, Jesus will save you. If you do this please click  the decision card, fill it out  and we will send you FREE Bible studies and will pray for you. WE ARE CHRISTIANS WHO CARE FOR YOU.
Money, success, beauty, church, family WILL NOT get you in Heaven. It is having a new birthday and being born again.
It says in the BIBLE You must be born again: JOHN 3:3. Thru  JOHN 3:5.
GOD WILL BLESS YOU.   SOS is an accredited ministry will send you a receipt.