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Tom Curtis Recovering from Pneumonia

June 2, 2010

Even as Tom recovers from a very serious bout with pneumonia, he is still a witness for the Lord. While waiting for an x-ray today, Tom and Carolyn were talking about a book they are trying to write. A woman sitting in the waiting room asked Tom if he was a minister. He said, yes.
She started to cry and said, “Would you pray for me. I am so afraid?”
After a few questions, she revealed that her husband had died just a year ago with a blood clot and that was what her test was for.
She got called into the office right then but Tom and Carolyn prayed for her. When she came out she said that the tests were OK and was thankful for the prayer.
She explained she had been saved as a child, so was given a tract and she left.
That gave Tom the opportunity to hand out about 10 tracts to all who were in the office at that time.
Everyone appreciated it and the conversation was about the “3 Thing God Can Not Do” as Tom and Carolyn left the office.
Tom is a diligent soul winner and even when not feeling well that does not stop him from being a witness for the Lord.
All the prayers, phone calls and cards are appreciated. Please continue to pray for Tom’s fast recovery.