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He has risen!!!

March 31, 2013

He has risen!!! Happy Easter. May everyone celebrate our risen Lord!

To much to ask?

March 29, 2013

Today is a day to reflect on God’s love for us. John 3:16 is a familiar verse to most of us and sometimes overlooked because of its familiarity. Nevertheless, it is one of the most powerful verses in the Bible.
“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlsting life.”
God gave his Son, Jesus gave his life for us so we can go to Heaven. Do you think it is to much for him to ask us to give our lives in service to him?

Fishers of Men

March 28, 2013

SOS Events is a ministry that sends out fishers of men. I love this quote:
The difference between catching fish and catching men is that you catch fish that are alive,
and they die:
you catch men that are dead and bring them to life.
Robert D. Foster

A Peppermint Story Part 2

March 23, 2013

The rest is history! As we talked about that day at the conference, we had Tom & Carolyn come to central New Jersey, a heavy Catholic community, present their vision and ministry.

Now years later, we keep inviting them to return, even though we have our own team doing what they taught us to do. Since the year we met them, we have had a church team visit them in Florida for a training week. Even though we now have people in our church who do what they have both taught us and modeled, we love having them come by again and again. They always excite us all over again as they often are able to work alongside us, and thereby teaching yet others over the years.

They have come to our church, our school, our community events. They have gone out to dinner with us, and alone at the motel. They have been chauffeured from the airport. They have met people in lobbies. In all kinds of venues they have shown themselves genuine and effective in sharing the Gospel, by engaging lost people by this unique method!

We have seen it work! We have seen people’s curiosity and interest aroused to where they are willing to hear the Gospel and AMAZINGLY respond OVER AND OVER. Over the years, members of our church, at times with them and at times alone, have set up a booth at various “events”. Sometimes the events were sponsored by us and other times they were sponsored by community groups. We have set up a booth and again seen people give their heart to Jesus and profess Christ as their Saviour. We have even seen teens, young people, and adults come back the following year, with a friend in tow, asking if we would tell that friend what we told him or her last year.

We have found Tom & Carolyn HUMBLE servants in deed and conduct, sharing a unique way of engaging people with the Gospel! It has been an AMAZING journey with them and it is no surprise that God’s people at our church always want to fly them up, have them stop by when anywhere close by, and come out to hear what God is doing through SOS ministries.

You have to see it yourself, upfront, up close, and you will be AMAZED on how simple and effective it is!

Pastor Ted Martens, Ph.D.
Pastor Faith Baptist Church
Trenton, NJ

A Peppermint Story Part 1

March 22, 2013

Pastor’s Testimony

It was years ago when I attending our Association’s Annual Baptist Conference. I had stepped out just before the service began, wanting to find some peppermints before the evening service began in the main auditorium.

I knew that most of the booths had a bowl or two of candy and mints for those who came by their booth. “Most booths would be unattended,” I thought. “Everyone was filtering into the evening service. I’ll just grab a handful of mints at the closest table that has them.”

The booth that was the closest, and which I ended up at, was manned by “Carolyn”. I thought I would say a quick hello, a few words of interest, and grab a few peppermints. That is not what really grabbing those peppermints was all about. The story that was to unfold was far greater!

After a few words of interest and response, Carolyn told me that she usually attends these conferences with her husband, Tom, but he was not able to attend because of cardiac medical issues that came up. Nevertheless she came and set up the ministry booth alone! “WOW — that’s commitment”, I thought.

She then shared what their ministry was all about. It was about “Three Things God Cannot Do.” That was the tool that they developed, tuned, used, re-tuned, and now was fine tuned.

They were teaching others, and were looking for churches and people within their churches, who wanted to use this UNIQUE tool for beginning a conversation with the lost, and REMARKABLY leading MANY to Christ.

In that introduction to their ministry, and through that conversation, I was impressed with their desire and devotion to reach others for Christ. “You have to come to New Jersey and present your ministry,” I said. I got back to my seat a little later than I planned. I just wanted a few mints. My wife asked, “What took so long?” “I ended up talking to “Carolyn” — remarkable!

Angels Rejoice

March 16, 2013

The angels in heaven are rejoicing daily as they see people coming to Christ . The Holy Spirit continues to fill teams with love, joy and peace as they give the gospel in the marketplace, fervently serving CHRIST.
We at SOS Events are committed to the Lord’s desire of spreading the gospel across America. God has been pleased to grow EVENT EVANGELISM to where it is reaching out to over 26 states, one by one, state by state, spreading God’s Word — THANK YOU LORD !!!
The Holy Spirit continues to bring us people who are committed, teachable, and filled with the Holy Spirit, all with the singular aim of evangelistically serving the LORD and bringing others into God’s Kingdom. Revival is our aim as GOD finds open hearts at all kinds of family and corporate activities, across the nation, through SOS EVENTS. The Lord has given SOS the desire, along with the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding as to how we can effectively reach the Lost.
We have developed a unique way to reach out to those speak to those who are willing to hear the Gospel and respond by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit has used, and continues to use, a unique method tried and tuned by SOS Events, to introduce those who need Christ, to their Savior. Would you like to join with us?
Call: 813-784-8242 813-494-7927 813-494-7512
Office Hours: 9 to 3 Monday – Friday
Email: Anytime


March 12, 2013

I cannot work my soul to save,

for what my Lord hath done;

But I will work like any Slave,

For love of God’s dear Son.