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Praises for Safety

July 28, 2009

Atlanta, GA  4:30 Friday afternoon. If you have been there you know the traffic is terrific. Tom and Carolyn Curtis were on I 75 at that time driving a 36 foot motor home, towing a car when the brakes went out. No brakes, traffic in all lanes and all traffic ahead at standstill. What did they do? Prayed.  Just as they approached the traffic it began to move. Carolyn prayed, “Lord, give us a gap.” And He gave them a miracle. No traffic for at least 100 feet ahead of them as they traveled for several miles. Tom prayed for a way to get off the highway as the cars would not let him over to the shoulder. Finally there was a break, just where a  mechanic was fixing a vehicle that had broken down. Does God answer prayer? Yes. The repair man told Tom where to go to get the problem fixed but by now it is almost 5 o’clock. The place was still open and the young man (a new believer) told Tom he would see if he could get a mechanic in on Saturday. By Saturday afternoon and $1000 later, the motor home was repaired and Tom and Carolyn were on their way to the next stop, North Carolina. God is so good.

God Brings Increase

July 23, 2009

God brings increase on the grounds of SOS Events!  Tom had the opportunity to share “The Three Things God Cannot Do” with a worker on the grounds. This young man accepted the Lord as his personal Savior. To add to this blessing, his father, already a Christian, was with his son. They rejoiced together.

A Pastor writes

July 23, 2009

“It was such a blessing to see God work through the ministry that S.O.S provided! We shared the gospel with 181 people in only 13 hours…The Lord saved 13 of those people….We will continue to use this ministry in the future! Thank you so much!”

KOA Campground owner saved

July 21, 2009

Tom & Carolyn Curtis while traveling through NC stopped for the night at a KOA campground. In the morning Tom decided to go and tell the owner Chris about the 3 Things God Can Not Do. She had never heard about the things God can’t do so was interested. When Tom asked her if she was 50, 75 or 100% sure if she would go to heaven, she did not know. “You can Know” Tom told her and led her to the Lord. What a blessing that no matter where we are we have opportunity to lead people to Christ.

Oregon Fest

July 2, 2009

Don & Shirley Riegel trained several workers for the Oregon Festival and that group saw 16 saved in just a few hours. What a wonderful harvest of souls.

Washboard Festival

July 2, 2009

Ivan and Dorinda Cardwell traveled to Ohio in June where approximately 25 people were trained to win souls to Christ. Many said it was the first time they ever had the boldness to witness. 100 people were saved at the festival and the soul winners were Praising the Lord.

Words of Support

July 2, 2009

Dear Friends,  Always good to hear about your very effective ministry approach. Trust everything going well as your serve the Master.  Blessings

I thank you for your ministry where the Lord uses you in a powerful way in bringing children and others to know Jesus.