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167 Saved at James Dean Days

October 24, 2009

What a blessing, 167 people gave their lives to Christ at the James Dean Festival this year in Fairmount, IN. This festival runs for 3 days and it rained (poured) the first day, but 40 souls were saved. What a temptation to close up and go where it was warm and dry but we chose to stick it out and what a harvest God gave us.
Saturday dawned sunny but cool and we had a good number saved that day. Then Sunday came, along with the wind. Our tent actually lifted off the ground and finally we had to take it down but did we quit? NO!! And once again God gave the increase of many souls that day. Ending with a total of 167!! God is so good and faithful and He wants us to be faithful also, and truly the windows of Heaven opened and showers of blessing was the result.

Tom and Carolyn Back in the Office

October 16, 2009

After 1 month of travel Tom and Carolyn are back in the office for a few weeks before traveling again. Many exciting things happened on their travels which we will post in the coming days.
One great answer to prayer was when a truck towing a trailer went out of control right in front of the motor home on busy I-85. As the truck spun around in the middle of the road Tom & Carolyn prayed for the safety of the people in the truck. The miracle was all traffic stopped before hitting that truck, including a huge 18 wheeler, and of course Tom’s motor home. When the truck finally came to a stop on the side of the road, Tom got out and ask the man if he had ever seen a miracle. The man said, “No.” Tom told him, “Well, I just witnessed one” and led that man to the Lord right on the side of the road. Isn’t God great.

Report from Sweetser, Indiana

October 6, 2009

Pastor Bishir in Indiana writes in his blog posting “Monday Report” on September 28th, “The last several days for me have been filled with some good things. On Friday I went to help with our James Dean Festival Outreach. We got there about 11 a.m. and spent the entire day until about 8 p.m. working our evangelistic booth. We teamed up with Tom & Carolyn Curtis of SOS Events who are seasoned soul winners and what a great three days of witnessing too and winning of souls for the Lord. On Friday it rained much of the day and the crowds were smaller but by the end of the day we had seen nearly 40 teens and adults give their lives to Christ. Each sincerely repented and prayed to receive Jesus as their Savior. Last night in church we were given the final count of those who received the Lord. It was reported that 167 people had come to know the Lord. Praise the Lord! What great stories behind each conversion. I will take some time this week and share some of these beautiful stories. But not only were people saved but more were witnessed to and the seed was sown and for many others the seed was fertilized. Thank the Lord His seed will never go return void.”