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Riegels Witness 58 Saved in Michigan

July 24, 2008

SOS was working with a church at a three day Street Fair in Wyandotte, MI from July 9 – 12th. There were eight new workers plus the pastor. Several workers had never witnessed to anyone about Jesus before. All were using SOS methods for the first time outside of classroom training. The third day there were 24 who trusted Christ including a woman who was parked illegally so she could mail a package at the UPS office. She rushed into the office and rushed out. The presenter at the SOS lighthouse called her over to see the “Three Things”. She reluctantly agreed. When asked how sure she was of heaven, she said “If I don’t change, I’ll go straight to hell!” Moments later she bowed her head to pray and trust Christ. Pastor will be following up with her personally. One of the workers knows the woman who is now a baby Christian and plans to encourage her. God is truly good.


– by Don Riegel, Perrysburg, Ohio

Gabcast! Summer Road Trip #7 – Crossing Borders for Christ and the Kingdom

Don Riegel (Perrysburg Ohio) shares about new souls recently added to the Kingdom. Don and Shirley witness with 9 others and see over 50 people accepted Christ as their savior at a Wynadott Michigan event this past July 9 – 12th.

SOS Leaders Review 1st Year with SOS Events

November 26, 2007

Don and Shirley Riegel recount their first year (2007) with SOS Events ministry.

“We worked at the Strawberry Festival last March to prepare to work by ourselves (without the Curtis’s help). We did four more events alone in MN, MT, OH, and PA. We saw a total of 225 decisions for Christ and trained 39 workers at the four events. Some of those workers led their first person to Christ. Most of the workers are dedicated to sharing their faith now on a more regular basis. We praise the Lord for the opportunity to be involved in this ministry of training soul winners. Pray for us as we see where He will direct our paths next year. We truly enjoy this work and rejoice in doing it.”

Don and Shirley reside in Perrysburg, Ohio.