3 Things God Can Not Do

Many good things happen with the simple statement, “3 Things God Can Not Do.” The following is a email from Pastor Jess Page an SOS Events volunteer in Alabama that was trained last year:

I’m trying to get our church to know “The 3 things…” so well that they share without giving it any thought. One of the women I baptized, heard another preacher say “God can do anything!” She approached him and said “Did you know there are 3 things God can’t do?” Afterwards he asked what church she went too. The second happened today. I was helping FAITH Rider Fred load our Bikes for Daytona, and stopped by a tire place to talk to a young man about some tires. I was wearing the SOS shirt. When I started to leave, I told his grandmother and mother that he answered my questions. They then said, “Now we have a question for you. We see your shirt, and we want to know what are the 3 things God can’t do? We believe He can do anything!” I then got to share, and found out they were already Christians. Still, it was an opportunity to witness. 
Titus 1:2 In hope of eternal life, which God, that cannot lie, promised before the world began;

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