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Signs work

October 4, 2012

Tom and Carolyn Curtis have a sign on the rear window of their car “Do you know the 3 things God can not do?”

Driving down the road in Toledo, OH, Carolyn’s phone rang. The ID gave a Ohio-phone number and when she answered, a young man said, “I am following you and I want to know the 3 things God cannot do.”

Carolyn then shared with him, “God can not lie, Titus 1:2, God can not change, Malachi 3:6, and God can not let anyone into Heaven unless he is born again, John 3:3-5. Are you 50, 75, or 100% sure if you died today you would go to Heaven?”

Ryan was not sure but would like to be.

After explaining to him the gospel, Carolyn told him not to close his eyes but to invite Jesus into his heart.

Ryan was saved and so happy. Here is a young man 20 years old who was curious and was not afraid to make a phone call.

Signs on our vehicles do bring results.

36 Decisions at Pocahontas Fair

July 25, 2012

Creighton (left) and Daniel. Creighton saved in front of motor home in Pocahontass, IAPraise the Lord for 36 decisions at the very small county fair in Iowa. This fair was a 2 day event that was open for vendors from 3 to 9 each day.
What fantastic results for an event like this.
One boy named Creigton was saved a few days before the fair and when he saw the 3 things God can not do display he brought a total of 4 friends to be saved.
What a blessing to see young people not only be saved but have a desire to see their friends saved also.

Pocahontas County Fair (Iowa)

July 16, 2012

Pocahontas County FairThe church Tom and Carolyn were visiting (Tom spoke at Sunday) decided they wanted to take The 3 Things God Cannot Do to their county fair.  The Pocahontas County Fair is this Tuesday! (ample notice 😉  Tom and Carolyn are staying to train and work with them.  Thank you Lord for open doors!  Please pray that many souls will come to the Lord at this county fair.

Signs work! To God be the Glory!

July 16, 2012

Tom was the speaker at a church in Pocahontas, IA yesterday and two souls made commitments accepting Jesus Christ as their savior.  One of them was 89 years of age, Vernon (pictured with Pastor Tim) .  When asked what brought him to church that day, he said it was the sign on [Tom and Carolyn’s] the motor home.  PTL for Vernon and signs!Vernon and Pastor Tim

Let the Lord send you people – He will do it!

July 6, 2012

One of the  most cost effective ways to make the church available is to post your contact information on a church sign on the property.  The information should include:

  • Church Name
  • Church Phone Number
  •  Website
  • Pastors Name
  • Service Hours
  • Office Hours
  • Signage that identifies the office entrance (Very important)

In just one small example: I can remember moving to the Tampa area in 1998.  Being new to the area, we passed by a church sign which announced Sunday services and the time of those services.  The Lord used that for His church. We went to that church  because of that sign, and the Lord has used us to His glory in that church many ways since.

Let’s face it, most churches could look like permanently closed churches during most of the week without signage.

A Family Wanted To Know

June 28, 2012

family of believersTom and Carolyn stopped as there seemed to be a problem with the motor home generator.  They stopped at a rest stop where a man and his three daughters approached Tom.  The man asked about the message on the side of the motor home and wanted to speak with Tom about it.  They were invited to have a seat inside and Tom shared the 3 things God cannot do.  The man said he and his daughters were 100% sure they were going to heaven; they had accepted Jesus as their personal savior.  They had a short prayer together before departing company.

Meeting Troy in Johnson City, IL

June 27, 2012
Troy, after accepting Jesus Christ.

Troy accepted Jesus as his personal savior this day. 77 years of age and had not heard of salvation, nor of being able to have a personal relationship with Jesus.

Stopping in Johnson City, Illinois the next day, Tom knocked on the doors of four different churches. He stopped into a business across the street from one church, meeting a local businessman named Troy. Tom asked about where he might find the pastor of the church, explaining how there were no signs of hours or phone number or any contact information posted at the church. Troy wasn’t sure, saying the pastor was gone most of the time.

So Tom shared with the man about being in ministry and Troy shared with Tom that he was 77 years old and working in his last year of business before retiring. Tom asked Troy if he had heard about the 3 things God cannot do. Troy hadn’t heard, but said, “sure” when asked if he’d like to hear. Tom shared how He cannot lie, He cannot change and He cannot let anyone into Heaven unless they are born again. Tom asked, “Are you 50, 75 or 100% sure you would go to Heaven if you died today?” Troy said, “not at all”. If I could tell you how you could be sure, would you want to know? Troy said yes, so Tom shared the plan of salvation and lead Troy through the sinners prayer and the Troy received Christ right then.

Tom wrote down his contact information and explained the need for Troy to start attending church and that he would receive a Bible and a study in the mail. Troy then gave his permission to have his picture taken, that Tom could share the good news with others. Troy was 77 years old and had never heard of salvation or that he could have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Rejoice!!! Praise the Lord Almighty!!

Tom left Troy and went on to another church around the corner, and did find it open with people. They did know Troy the businessman, and were surprised and thankful for the opportunity to have their pastor follow-up with Troy. The church also expressed a desire to seek further engagement with SOS Events. Hallelujah! We celebrate the body of Christ and His Kingdom work together!

Arrowhead campgrounds

June 26, 2012

Wednesday evening after parking the motor home at Arrowhead campgrounds, Tom and Carolyn received a telephone call.  The women calling was distraught saying, “I do not think it is appropriate to have a sign like that on your motor home.”  Which sign are you referring to?  She said, “3 things God cannot do.”   Carolyn explained being in the ministry and this is what we do.  We go to events and tell people the 3 things God cannot do.  He cannot lie, He cannot change and He cannot let anyone into Heaven unless they are born again.  Let me ask you, “Are you 50, 75 or 100% sure you would go to Heaven if you died today?”  The women said she was sure and her life changed when she was saved.   She said she was trying to have a better relationship with her Mom and trying to have a closer walk with the Lord.  Her name was Mary and she apologized for getting upset about the signs on the motor home.   She was told we were happy she called, and then we had a word of prayer with her. The signs installed on the motorhome just days before leaving are working!!

Iowa Trip – Another adventure with the Lord Almighty!

June 25, 2012
Side view of motor home: Would you like two birthdays?

“Except that a man be born again…” Would you like two birthdays?

Tom and Carolyn started their trip to Burlington, Iowa this yesterday and headed out in the motor home fully packed and prepared for the Lord’s work at hand.  New on this trip, each side of the motor home has a different message.  They will be visiting churches along the way and working with churches in Iowa.   They encountered a little mechanical difficulty in Georgia the day after departing Florida, and the next day a mechanic in Tennessee resolved it by discovering a loose battery cable.  PTL!

121 Saved in Indiana

October 10, 2011


Ivan and Dorinda Cardwell, Tom and Carolyn Curtis, from Florida, Don and Shirley Riegel, from Ohio all headed to Indiana for 2 large events, Duck Tail Run and James Dean Days. Scott and Joyce Weaver and several other trained workers participated in these 2 great events. Workers came from 3 area churches. Fairmont, IN the birthplace of James Dean (the actor), hosts James Dean Days and Gas City, IN hosts Duck Tail Run. Both towns are rich in history and fun places to visit. The local people are gracious and very helpful. This makes the trip fun, profitable and always exciting.


Duck Tail Run is a new event for SOS. In spite of all the rain we are thrilled to have seen 14 souls come to know the Lord. A special thanks goes to Larry Leach, mayor of Gas City, for helping us get set up at  Duck Tail Run.

SOS has set up a booth at James Dean Days for the last 5 years and God is always faithful to give us souls at this event. 103 were saved this year regardless of closing early due to bad weather. Thanks to all the faithful workers who participated.

Indiana is also home of the Gaither Family whose store, home and recording studio is only about 10 miles from where were camped. Our staff is grateful to Wesleyan Campground for allowing us to stay in their cabins and park at the campground. They are gracious hosts.