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Let the Lord send you people – He will do it!

July 6, 2012

One of the  most cost effective ways to make the church available is to post your contact information on a church sign on the property.  The information should include:

  • Church Name
  • Church Phone Number
  •  Website
  • Pastors Name
  • Service Hours
  • Office Hours
  • Signage that identifies the office entrance (Very important)

In just one small example: I can remember moving to the Tampa area in 1998.  Being new to the area, we passed by a church sign which announced Sunday services and the time of those services.  The Lord used that for His church. We went to that church  because of that sign, and the Lord has used us to His glory in that church many ways since.

Let’s face it, most churches could look like permanently closed churches during most of the week without signage.