Arrowhead campgrounds

Wednesday evening after parking the motor home at Arrowhead campgrounds, Tom and Carolyn received a telephone call.  The women calling was distraught saying, “I do not think it is appropriate to have a sign like that on your motor home.”  Which sign are you referring to?  She said, “3 things God cannot do.”   Carolyn explained being in the ministry and this is what we do.  We go to events and tell people the 3 things God cannot do.  He cannot lie, He cannot change and He cannot let anyone into Heaven unless they are born again.  Let me ask you, “Are you 50, 75 or 100% sure you would go to Heaven if you died today?”  The women said she was sure and her life changed when she was saved.   She said she was trying to have a better relationship with her Mom and trying to have a closer walk with the Lord.  Her name was Mary and she apologized for getting upset about the signs on the motor home.   She was told we were happy she called, and then we had a word of prayer with her. The signs installed on the motorhome just days before leaving are working!!

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