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Harrison Rally Day – Riegel’s Report

November 9, 2009

SOS Soul Winners Sharing the 3 Things(by Don and Shirley Riegel) Our church had a booth at Harrison Rally Day (HRD). The “Three Things God Cannot Do” were presented to 203 people of which there were 26 decisions to trust Christ (17 for the first time and 9 for assurance). We had six workers at the booth plus one who was trained two years ago and was not on the schedule. Pray that our church will do more outreach events like this and that all members and young people will take the training. One rather shy man had tried to witness to people before, but he had not seen anyone receive Christ as Savior as the result of his effort until HRD. He had twelve people pray to be saved including five girls at one time. When asked “Do you plan to use the SOS method again and would you encourage others to take the training and work at the booth?”, he said “yes!”

Testimony from a Shy Soul Winner“Achieving God’s purpose involves taking faith filled risks (Heb. 11:6). That’s exactly what I did recently when I stepped out of my comfort zone and, in faith, took the SOS training. I followed the Holy Spirit’s leading to bring others to Christ at the recent Harrison Rally Days.
Taking a faith filled risk, is one of our core values, and I feel SOS gives me more passion now to tell others about Jesus. It will help me to be more of a “doer of the Word and not just a hearer only.” WW (OH)

To God be the glory. Great things He hath done!!
Don and Shirley Riegel

Trip to S.E. Ohio……….8/21/08 – 9/2/08

October 1, 2008

by Ivan and Dorinda Cardwell


God is really working in S.E. Ohio, and we were Blessed to join Him there for a couple of weeks in June and August of 2008.

The weeks in June were spent mostly just trying to establish contacts with churches, but we did make a couple of presentations and also set up at our Family Reunion……1 teenager was led to the Lord….the first soul saved at the reunion in 23 years!! PTL!


We went back in August to make further contacts…..the following is the report of this trip:

8/24 Attended Christ Community Church in Athens…..SS. and worship….spoke with Pastor about ministry.


8/24 Evening worship at small mission church in The Plains…..New young Pastor, Tim Coleman….made quick presentation after service to about 12….He was excited……

SOS to return to do training for future event.


8/25 Met with Missionary from Scioto Valley, Bill Wellman. He had invited several area Pastors…….one, Craig Brumbaugh attended from small country church in Hamden, OH……Gave presentation of “The Three Things God Cannot Do”, Both were excited. Craig requested training for his church…….set up for Oct.8……Don and Shirley Riegel agreed to travel down to S.E. Ohio to do the training at this church. Bill Wellman had lots of ideas where we could use SOS. He also said he would like make more contacts for SOS.


8/25 pm Met with Retired, former Scioto Valley Missionary, Cliff Coleman……gave him presentation and showed DVD. Very excited.


8/26 7:00pm Safe Harbor  Church…….Pastor Herman and Donald Shupe…… training for Bean Dinner Event to be held Oct. 4. They will train other workers from their church….. Riegels to travel down and oversee the Event.


8/27 1:00pm Appointment with Pastor Cliff Curry at Good News Baptist Church, Galipolis, OH. He had invited several others to attend. We showed DVD and made presentation. They were excited about “The Three Things God Cannot Do” and wanted to use is at a scheduled Fall Event they had coming up on September 20th. We trained three. Don and Shirley    agreed to come down and help with the Event. Pastor Cliff said that the three of them would practice several more times and gradually invite others to join them so they would have a nice group to work the Event with Don and Shirley…….PT


8/31 Attended morning SS and Worship at Rolling Hills Church, Athens. Pastor invited us to make presentation after service. About 12 people stayed……Will set up training at later date.

8/31 pm. Back to The Plains to present and train about 12 at the little Baptist Mission…..The church will hold an Event on Oct. 4th in the morning…….Don and Shirley have agreed to help with this Event before going in the evening to help with the Bean Dinner at Safe Harbor  Church.


Thank you for your prayers and support of these churches and our ministry. Please keep Don and Shirley Riegel in prayer as they prepare for and travel two times to S.E. Ohio to help these little churches with training and Events.

In His Service,……..Ivan and Dorinda Cardwell.