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Texas Man Accepts The Lord

July 29, 2013

What a joy to see people come to The Lord. This weekend 18 people trusted Jesus as their Savior at the Auburndale Flea Market in Florida. A young man from Texas came into the booth with his grandfather. He wanted to be sure he was on the way to Heaven. On the back of the card he wrote, “Accepted Jesus as my personal Savior.”
SOS has every convert fill out a card with name, address, phone, age, and email so we can follow up with them. A local church gets the information so they can visit. A Bible study that is age appropriate gets sent to each one free of charge. They have opportunity to continue Bible studies as long as they want to, always at no cost to them except for the price of a stamp.
SOS is always looking for dedicated Christians who would like to be a part of this exciting ministry.
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