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Memorial for Eugene “Quacky” Curtis

July 21, 2013

Today a memorial service was held for Eugene Curtis, from Toledo, OH. He was better known as Quacky the clown.
He was also the oldest brother of SOS founder, Tom Curtis. It was a beautiful service, commemorating a life of bringing happiness to thousands of people all over the USA and Canada for over 50 years.
The best part of the memories are his true salvation. It is a joy to go to a service, knowing that we will see him again.
Heaven is real. Jesus provided a way to have eternal life though His death on the cross, His burial and His resurrection. Our part is to admit we have sinned. Believe in our heart that Jesus paid the price for our sin and call on Him to save us.
Then on our final day on earth our loved ones will know that they, too can see us again in Heaven. What a blessing.