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New Lighthouse and Rabbit

October 19, 2007

New Lighthouse and Rabbit

A few weeks back, Earl (seated) shared a detailed drawing of a new lighthouse creation he had in mind.  We had been assembling and building lighthouses at the SOS office for several weeks.  Earl moved forward and constructed the lighthouse he had drawn, pictured.  Undoubtedly, this lighthouse will win awards for design simplicity, functionality, overall aesthetic appeal, and excellence in engineering.  It is hand-painted/decorated, and is a great piece of craftsmanship.  Great job, Earl!

Glory be to Jesus for such amazing gifts, and faithful servants.

BTW – that’s a real rabbit.  When it was real little and cute, they said it wouldn’t get very big;  it’s suppose to be a miniature, or something-or-other. Ha! Ha!   He is still kind of cute, but that’s one big rabbit, and fast!  😉  Also pictured are Tom and Carolyn, and Earl’s wife, Kat (far right).