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What is God Doing?

September 5, 2015

Do you ever wonder what God is doing in your life? Tom and Carolyn decided to go on a 2 day short trip to visit friends about 90 miles away from their home.They left about 12:30 PM and expected to be at their destination at about 3 PM. Driving on one of Florida’s toll roads a driver in front of them was driving about 55 in a 70 mile per hour speed zone. Making sure it was safe to pass Tom pulled out and a large metal pipe was right in front of him. Couldn’t turn to the left or the right as there were cars on both sides. So he tried to avoid it by straddling it in the center, but it flew up and hit the oil line or oil pan and soon the engine was smoking. Thankfully, the next toll booth was less than 2 miles away. Tom pulled into the employees parking lot after paying the toll and came to a stop. All the oil was drained out. 

One of the employees called for help but 8 hours later Tom and Carolyn still were waiting for that Road Warrior to come.

Tom does have health issues and this was the first time in 18 months that he was well enough to attempt even a short trip. Finally, their son in law, Rick, came to the rescue another 2 hours later with a tow dolly to get the car and Tom and Carolyn home. Hopefully ths car can be repaired.

11:15 PM Safe at home. Counting their blessings. Many worst things could have have happened. They could have hit another car, the pipe could have ruptured the gas tank and caused explosion, or Tom could have had a heart attack from the trama of the stress, but God in His loving care protected them from serious consequences.

What was the purpose of this adventure? 

Only God knows and that is where trusting the Lord in all circumstances comes into your life. All things do work together for good, but we may not see it for many days, weeks, months or years to come.
Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.