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Past & Future

January 12, 2016

Our 15 years of marriage has been special with trials and learning experiences for Carolyn & I. God allows trails to increase our faith. We look back and can see what GOD has done. Carolyn loves me & I love her and GOD loves us, nothing can stop GOD as He leads, guides and directs us and the Ministry. We both enjoy all God has provided. The ministry has brought love joy & peace to many including Carolyn & myself. Pray that SOS Events ministry will grow in 2016 so we can reach thousands more of hurting people who do not know Jesus Christ. We need motivated people who have GREAT faith. Let us pray Christ will remove evil from, GOVERNMENT,SCHOOLS, BUSINESS & HOMES. Motivation is how it starts you must be a Christian & the Spirit must live in you. Would you work with us Personally or support the ministry financially? We will teach you how to be a leader in your town.Contact ( ) or check out our website at