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Words of Support

July 2, 2009

Dear Friends,  Always good to hear about your very effective ministry approach. Trust everything going well as your serve the Master.  Blessings

I thank you for your ministry where the Lord uses you in a powerful way in bringing children and others to know Jesus.

Needs For SOS Events

April 8, 2008

Needs For The Ministry


SOS had a great little older GMC truck which was used for many things around the property. Picking up supplies, running errands, hauling trash, etc. As Tom was working getting ready for Riegel’s to stay in the motor home, the truck, which was parked on a small hill started to roll toward the motor home. Tom tried to stop it but could not get the door open. Thankfully the truck missed the motor home and Tom was not hurt. The truck needs to be repaired or replaced. The original cost was only $1200. If we could find another for that price it would be wonderful. If you have a truck (small) you would like to donate or would like to contribute to one we could purchase the Lord would bless you.

New Lighthouse and Rabbit

October 19, 2007

New Lighthouse and Rabbit

A few weeks back, Earl (seated) shared a detailed drawing of a new lighthouse creation he had in mind.  We had been assembling and building lighthouses at the SOS office for several weeks.  Earl moved forward and constructed the lighthouse he had drawn, pictured.  Undoubtedly, this lighthouse will win awards for design simplicity, functionality, overall aesthetic appeal, and excellence in engineering.  It is hand-painted/decorated, and is a great piece of craftsmanship.  Great job, Earl!

Glory be to Jesus for such amazing gifts, and faithful servants.

BTW – that’s a real rabbit.  When it was real little and cute, they said it wouldn’t get very big;  it’s suppose to be a miniature, or something-or-other. Ha! Ha!   He is still kind of cute, but that’s one big rabbit, and fast!  😉  Also pictured are Tom and Carolyn, and Earl’s wife, Kat (far right).


July 27, 2007

New York City: Train 80 workers to win souls once a month in a multicultural area where a group of doctors, nurses, dentists treat people from many ethnic backgrounds that cannot afford medical treatment, food and clothing are also distributed.

Atlanta: Large church wants training for Events in Atlanta area.

Three Christian Colleges: Training students to evangelize as part of their curriculum. NY, FL and IA.

Iowa: Sportsman Banquet in February where many hundreds of unsaved men come. Several churches to be trained.

Montana: The Northwest is now responding to Event Evangelism.

Hundreds of new churches throughout the USA: all have expressed desire to have someone come to train them.

As you can see we need prayer,workers, wisdom, finances. YOU!! You can help in one or more of these areas. All can pray. Some could work, some could give and all will be blessed as we partner together to see souls come to know the Lord.

Needs for staff:Tom Curtis health (heart, diabetes, eyes)Shirley Riegel health new medicationSafety on the highways for all staffFamilies of staff children & grandchildrenSupport for staff

Needs for ministry:Supplies – printing of tracts, & materialsFunding for travelPeople to partner with us, in prayer, financially and help around the property

Answers to Prayer:Souls are being saved every weekTom’s health betterTom had new procedure for eyes Part time secretary found