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What is SOS Events?

March 4, 2016

What is SOS Events?
SOS Events is a ministry started to reach people, to do what God commands and spread the gospel.The Bible teaches there is only ONE WAY to get to Heaven:

A. Admit that you have sinned. “For All have sinned and come short of the glory of GOD. Romans 3:23

B. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. “That if thou shall confess with thy mouth and shalt believe in thine heart that GOD hath raised Him (Jesus) from the dead, thou shalt be saved.” Romans10:9b

C. Call upon the Lord. “For whosoever (you) shall call upon the name of the Lord, shall be saved.” Romans 10:13

PRAY:  Lord Jesus, I admit I am a sinner, I believe you died on the cross for forgiveness of my sins, I ask that you forgive my sins, come into my heart and make my life new. I receive you as my Savior. Thank you, Jesus. Amen

If you do these things you will go to Heaven.

SOS means Serving Our Savior.
God called Tom and Carolyn Curtis, founders of SOS Events, to evangelize the USA. They have committed their lives to the Lord full time.
Who do you know that needs to be born again? What have you done to tell that person how to be saved? Salvation comes by hearing the Word of God. God provided the method and the tools to reach people through SOS Events.
SOS trainers teach churches, youth groups and all ages of people how to invest their time serving God which is our “reasonable service.”
After many years of leading people to salvation, SOS needs much prayer, financial support and committed people to partner with us, to lead friends, neighbors and people at events to salvation.
If you have a friend or relative who is unsaved, give SOS a way to contact them and we will do our best to get the gospel to them. Better, yet, SOS can teach you how to be a better witness and through the Holy Spirit you could be the one to lead them to Christ.
Reposted for the new friends of SOS Events.