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Message from SOS Founder

August 11, 2014

I have been unable to go outside for six weeks. I cannot go out in the heat and have been very sick. I have been praying how can I serve The Lord having all the problems I have. GOD has through the Bible, prayer and confirmation showed me that SOS should begin a prayer ministry. For the many hurting people anywhere who call for prayer .When people have the desire to serve and cannot function because of age (Start a prayer ministry) We will convert my office to a phone room to pray and encourage everyone we talk to. What a blessing to serve in air condition environment We will give mature older CHRISTIANS a opportunity to serve The Lord in the phone ministry. To connect with all who have Problems and troubles and no place to find the answer. We are so blessed that we have many still presenting the gospel which changes lives PRAY FOR THE ADDITIONAL OUT REACH TO THE LOST WHICH GIVES US WHO,NEED AIR CONDITION AND A SOFT CHAIR AND PHONE AND OPPORTUNITY TO SERVE THE LORD AND OPPORTUNITY TO GROW IN CHRIST.WHEN WE PRAYED AND PUT OUR PRAYER NUMBER 813-784-8242 ON OUR BLOG THREE MINUTES WE GOT A CALL FROM A PASTOR IN MISSISSIPPI WHO SAID I NEED PRAYER .
Director of Missions SOS Events
Revivalist Tom Curtis

Acts 6:4
But we will give ourselves continually to prayer, and to the ministry of the word.