Angels Rejoice

The angels in heaven are rejoicing daily as they see people coming to Christ . The Holy Spirit continues to fill teams with love, joy and peace as they give the gospel in the marketplace, fervently serving CHRIST.
We at SOS Events are committed to the Lord’s desire of spreading the gospel across America. God has been pleased to grow EVENT EVANGELISM to where it is reaching out to over 26 states, one by one, state by state, spreading God’s Word — THANK YOU LORD !!!
The Holy Spirit continues to bring us people who are committed, teachable, and filled with the Holy Spirit, all with the singular aim of evangelistically serving the LORD and bringing others into God’s Kingdom. Revival is our aim as GOD finds open hearts at all kinds of family and corporate activities, across the nation, through SOS EVENTS. The Lord has given SOS the desire, along with the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding as to how we can effectively reach the Lost.
We have developed a unique way to reach out to those speak to those who are willing to hear the Gospel and respond by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit has used, and continues to use, a unique method tried and tuned by SOS Events, to introduce those who need Christ, to their Savior. Would you like to join with us?
Call: 813-784-8242 813-494-7927 813-494-7512
Office Hours: 9 to 3 Monday – Friday
Email: Anytime

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