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A Peppermint Story Part 1

March 22, 2013

Pastor’s Testimony

It was years ago when I attending our Association’s Annual Baptist Conference. I had stepped out just before the service began, wanting to find some peppermints before the evening service began in the main auditorium.

I knew that most of the booths had a bowl or two of candy and mints for those who came by their booth. “Most booths would be unattended,” I thought. “Everyone was filtering into the evening service. I’ll just grab a handful of mints at the closest table that has them.”

The booth that was the closest, and which I ended up at, was manned by “Carolyn”. I thought I would say a quick hello, a few words of interest, and grab a few peppermints. That is not what really grabbing those peppermints was all about. The story that was to unfold was far greater!

After a few words of interest and response, Carolyn told me that she usually attends these conferences with her husband, Tom, but he was not able to attend because of cardiac medical issues that came up. Nevertheless she came and set up the ministry booth alone! “WOW — that’s commitment”, I thought.

She then shared what their ministry was all about. It was about “Three Things God Cannot Do.” That was the tool that they developed, tuned, used, re-tuned, and now was fine tuned.

They were teaching others, and were looking for churches and people within their churches, who wanted to use this UNIQUE tool for beginning a conversation with the lost, and REMARKABLY leading MANY to Christ.

In that introduction to their ministry, and through that conversation, I was impressed with their desire and devotion to reach others for Christ. “You have to come to New Jersey and present your ministry,” I said. I got back to my seat a little later than I planned. I just wanted a few mints. My wife asked, “What took so long?” “I ended up talking to “Carolyn” — remarkable!