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Wednesday is a Special Day

July 27, 2016

Wednesday is a special day in the home office of SOS Events. The opportunity to win souls at the weekly Plant City Flea Market is always exciting. It is also the day when all the office staff is working. All of the office personnel are part time workers so their hours vary, but on Wednesdays everyone is busy in the office. 

Diana, who is the Office Manager/Secretary is overseeing and making sure everyone has their tasks understood and preformed properly. Beka, Hailey and Juliana, our 3 recent high school graduates are doing their work diligently. Beka is Diana’s assistant and has worked in the office all her high school years, her main duties are to do whatever Diana or Carolyn needs to be done. Hailey does most of the filing, keeping the tracts and supplies in order. Juliana records the decisions and updates any records needed on the computer.

After the Flea Market, Alice arrives with the news of the salvations for the day. Then she works on correspondence, schedules events and makes necessary phone calls. Carolyn now has her own office so is not in the main building on Wednesdays but will go in and greet everyone before she goes to carry on the work of the ministry. 

David, SOS maintenance man also works on Wednesdays when he is in Florida. He spends his summers up North and will return soon.

Everyday is an opportunity to further the Gospel of Jesus, but for the home office of SOS Events,  Wednesday is a special day when we all work together.

1 Corinthians 3:9 For we are labourers together with God: ye are God’s husbandry, ye are God’s building.