Telephone Conversion

To win souls is my hearts desire.

SOS is always in need of supplies and I was on the phone to order a button making machine for our new Kids Klub. As I was finding out information about the machine the Holy Spirit prompted me to ask Adam this question,

“Are you a Christian”?

“Yes“, was the reply.

“Are you a born again Christian”, I asked.

“What’s that”? Adam inquired.

“Do you know the 3 things God can not do”? was my next question and

“Are you 50, 75, or 100% sure if you died today you would go to Heaven“?

“I’m not the least bit sure” Adam said.

“It will take less that 2 minutes to be sure” I explained. Giving him the plan of salvation then praying with him was a great joy to my heart.

I said, “Adam, I heard you ask Jesus to forgive all your sins and come into your heart and make your life new. Did He”?

“Yes”, was Adam’s answer. “Thank you for giving me opportunity to go to Heaven”.

The phone call was ended by a purchase for the equipment SOS needed.
Whenever we do business with a company we try to find Christian suppliers but if that is not possible we try to lead them to the Lord.

Realizing that our time on earth is short we use every opportunity we have to witness and tell others about salvation.
Want to learn more? Get in touch with SOS.
Tom Curtis

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