What Is Your Problem?

There are things in life that we all struggle with! Maybe it’s fear. Fear of sickness, lack of finances, or something else.

Is your problem an addiction? Alcohol, drugs, smoking, over eating.

Even good things can become a problem. Too much television, games, anything that we do that takes the place of serving God and family.

Laziness, hatred, gossiping. All these things the Bible addresses. These are the things that we don’t talk about, but they are constantly on our mind. How do we overcome these problems in our lives?

Jesus is the answer. First, we must be sure we know Him as our Savior. Then we must trust Him to help us overcome whatever our problem is causing us to focus on the wrong thing.

Daily turn that problem over to Jesus through prayer. Find verses in the Bible that address your problem. Memorize those verses and when you are tempted to do what you are trying to overcome, repeat those verses and turn to something else to replace that desire.

You can have victory over your problems, but only if you give them to Jesus and trust Him to help you.

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