Diana Administrative Assistant Leads a Man to Christ

Diana 4-26-12 approx. 10:50 a.m. outside IHop, on Fowler, Tampa, FL
Whether planting the seed of salvation or leading someone to Christ, listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit. After visiting with family I haven*t seen for a few years and before parting ways, the idea of having our picture taken arose. There was only one young man standing outside, so we asked if he would take our picture for us. He graciously agreed. The Holy Spirit prompted me to hand him a tract from our ministry and ask him if he has seen The Three Things God Cannot Do. He replied no, but he would like to. We proceeded through the three things then I asked him if he was 50, 75 or 100% sure if he died today would he go to heaven. He said, without hesitation, 75%. I asked if he would like to be 100% sure, with his strong *yes* reply, we proceeded through the ABC*s of Salvation. He called upon the name of the Lord to be his Savior. He assured me that now he is 100% sure of heaven and thanked me. Thank you Lord for this man*s salvation and thank you for giving me the blessing.

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