First Friday in PA

Good news, ten people asked the Lord to save them last night at the 1st Fridays in Phoenixville, PA. Once again proving that it’s all Him, because if anything could go wrong with our planning, it did.
Took us about an hour to find each other and get set up. Then we found out that somehow they don’t even have us as paid, but we know we had. Then we found out if we had paid they would have had a place for our table. They let us stay set up anyway where we had picked, but warned us if someone comes along scheduled for that spot we would have to move.
At one point Al and I looked at each other and wondered if the Lord could salvage any of this, and we prayed. And, in time, the Lord started blessing, people wanted to know the “three things God cannot do“, and 10 prayed to receive the Savior before it started raining. Which proves again God does the reaping, despite our incompetence. He just wants our efforts. Just think what He might do if we got our act together.

In Christ,

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