Salvation at Chic-fil-A

Tom and Carolyn stopped for a meal at Chick-fil-A.
While returning the trays, Tom noticed a young couple that were having a heated discussion.
He gave them a Bible track and then sat down and asked them if they knew the “three things God cannot do.”
Tom asked the question, “Are you 50, 75 or one hundred percent sure if you died today you go to heaven?”
The girl, Megan, said, “I’m hundred percent sure.”
But Brian said, “I’m not even 50% sure.”
Tom then ask him if he would like to be 100% sure.
He said, “Yes,” and the four of them held hands and Brian prayed out loud the prayer to receive Christ as his Savior.
Megan was so happy after that and when Tom and Carolyn left the restaurant the couple were holding hands and smiling at one another.
Their heated discussion was about the matter of his salvation, so this was an appointed time by God.
God puts Christians at the right place, at the right time, IF we are looking for opportunities to witness.

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