Traveling trials

First road trip in awhile and then the trials come. Tom and I are on the way to Alabama for a 3 day training at a large church. We got as far as Ocala, Fl, about a 90 mile distance, when our car started to give us problems. It would not shift, could not get up to the speed we needed to go. Not knowing the area we prayed, got on the web and found A-1 Automatic Transmissions in Ocala.
Praise The Lord He sent us there. The owner, Paul, took us right in, told us it was not the transmission, replaced the catalytic converter, the air filter and the sensor. He had us on the road in about 3 hours.
We had the opportunity to witness to 4 people about The Lord while waiting.
Then the rains came, torrential. Could not see so we finally stopped at a motel.
On the road again today and a tire on a truck in front of us blew out but we were able to avoid the rubber that flew at us. One more thing, another truck threw a stone which came at the passenger side and missed the windshield by 2 inches. Left 3 small dents in the roof.
We are Praising The Lord for His protection and safety. Please pray for our journey as we travel on tomorrow.

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