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Today marks the one year anniversary of the death of my son, John R. Slater, Sr. He was a Godly man, a husband, father, grandfather,
brother and son. Also, was the pastor in several churches over the years and his main passion in God’s work was missions. He spent time in Africa, the Philippines and other places serving The Lord and winning others to Christ.
He asked me once if I thought he could be great for God. God used him in many ways with many people. I personally know of four young preachers who The Lord called home early and we sometimes question, why?
God says his ways are not our ways so we may not know why until we get to Heaven.
The assurance of Heaven and the knowledge we will see our loved ones again is the great promise God has given us. So today, I am thankful God allowed me to be the mother of John and also my son Paul who are waiting for me and we will one day rejoice together in Heaven.
Carolyn Curtis

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