15 saved in 30 minutes

On Saturday, Tom and Carolyn had the privilege to work at a church in Georgetown, KY. The weather was rainy and windy but children came out for an egg hunt at the church. The plans were to set up a tent to win peole to the Lord but weather did not cooperate. Plan B was set up a table inside the church and pray for the people to come in. They came and in less than 30 minutes 14 adults and one child came to know the Lord. God sends them in. One lady,  Mary sat at the soul winning table and cried. Carolyn led her daughter, son and son-in-law to the Lord, and Tom was in prayer with the another daughter and son-in law. Mary said “Now all my prayers are answered. My whole family just got saved.”

What a blessing.  God works when we are  available.


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