Are We His Disciple?

Little is known of some of the original disciples, except of course Judas who betrayed Jesus. The study of each of them show us what God can do with ordinary men. They were from all walks of life, fishermen and tax collectors. Some were respected and others hated.

Jesus is no respecter of people. He loved them regardless of what they did for a living, what their position in life. He gave everyone an opportunity to to follow Him just as He gives us that opportunity today. He knew Judas would betray Him, Peter would deny Him and that all would run at His crucifixion. Still He used 11 of these men to preach the gospel and become the leaders of the Christian Faith.

We too can be used of God to further the Gospel. It is our commitment to God and determination to follow Him that will make us successful. The plan of salvation is simple and it is easy to witness but it is not easy to follow Christ with no reservations. Are we going to follow when the path is easy and run when things get tough? We serve a risen Savior and still have freedom to tell others. Let us use our time to bring others to Jesus. 

Twelve men changed the world with the gospel. If each of us would win those around us, we could change the world today.

Acts 10:34 Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons:

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