God’s Direction

This weekend only one lady volunteered to go to the Big Top Flea Market. She had never been there before and also was new at witnessing at an event.

SOS always wants 3 people to work in the booth Tom and Carolyn Curtis went to work with her even though they were not on the schedule. They got there and a lady was already witnessing. Assuming that was the scheduled worker they prepared to start talking to people as they walked by. Then another lady came into the booth. She said she was Olga. (The woman who was scheduled to work)

Then a phone call came and John and Patty were on their way to come and witness in the booth. Now there were too many workers as the booth is small and a crowd can be intimidating to people walking by.

Tom and Carolyn wondered why God wanted them at the Flea Market when they were not needed. There was a particular vendor Carolyn wanted to see so she went to that booth to make a purchase. The woman told Carolyn that this was her last week to be there. Her husband has cancer and she had other family problems in another state.

The vendor, Sue, had on a hat with a JESUS symbol so Carolyn asked if she was a Christian. Sue answered yes. Carolyn then asked if she could pray for Sue, her husband and family. Sue was so grateful for the prayers.

God knew that Sue needed encouragement and sent Tom and Carolyn to the Flea market. Scheduling error? No. God’s direction.

Proverbs 3:6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.


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